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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Apr 22, 2006 2:32 PM Flag

    FEDS CAN"T STOP this move! They can't

    cause a panic in real estate, although it is going to happen anyways. Don't listen to the morons on the board. LOOK AT MY TRACK RECORD< I have been clearsighted LIKE PIGGY in LORD OF THE FLIES!

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    • Feds can stop this move by raising interest rates by 0.5% and at the same time buying up real estate with funny money.

      It's a big game, and now behind closed doors, the FED can print as much money it needs to crush the metals and support the general stock market and real estate.

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      • I don't beleive the FEDS care about crushing the metals. They FEDS only care about the economy and what it has to do in order to keep it going so that the Paper system does not collapse.

        The reason the metals are going up is that the porportion of US$ injected in the system is being allocated to all areas of the market. Everything is rising. As Oil goes higher, the MM has to move everything up at a reasonable porportion.

        They are not going to move Oil to $100 and leave silver sitting at $7

        It would make silver too cheap. The market will take everything higher.

        As Richard Russell says. "INFLATE OR DIE"

        They are inflating everything. I just wonder when will we get at least one year of flat line------------------------------------------------------------

      • demand_contraction_flation demand_contraction_flation Apr 22, 2006 4:49 PM Flag

        Yup. It's kind of like building a sand castle on a beach during the rising tide and we have almost unlimited amount of sand. We can make a difference for a while.

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