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  • mgoblue_vsh mgoblue_vsh Sep 6, 2002 7:42 PM Flag

    Vishay The Magnificent

    After a stellar 2001-02 season (cough, cough) my first weeks predictions are:

    Alabama +12 1/2 over Oklahoma
    Purdue +6 1/2 over Notre Dame
    Miami +2 1/2 over Florida

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    • Yes, that one was a bigger surprise than the Aarvarks pulling off what they

      Got that scouting report on Miami, OH yet?
      Tigers better wake up and get after it this week, looks like their hands will be full with that huge QB and their passing game. Tulane, may have a better year!

      Get your buys in on VSH at 12, you will see another new low.

    • Bought a little more at $12.75 that really brings my average down into the teens..Never thought it would go this low...A bad hair day in the markets...
      Seems to hot weather wise to be playing football..It always amazes me that there isn*t more heatstrokes during footballs start season..

    • Agree about market sentiment. I wouldn't but anything today. Have a VSH buy in at $12. Hope it doesn't take. Waiting for another "Felix is the problem" post ignoring macro factors,lol.

      Miami is scary. They would probably beat the Dolphins.Va Tech is the only team that had a chance to beat them and I wouldn't bet on that... Michigan is good but shouldn't be #6. But come to think about it I can't name ten teams that are better... Maybe if Tennesse or Texas gets their act together they can challenge the Canes in NC but I doubt it. Rest are fighting for other BCS spots with lots of mediocre parity.

    • i'll post something about vsh so the lurkers dont complain.
      at least it didnt put in a new low. ( so far)
      a retest isnt a bad thing. often precedes a move up.
      market sentiment is lousy. dubya got everyone scared now. its sinking in he is really serious about going after the bad guys. the brits are the only ones with any balls. everyone else wants him to wait till a suitcase nuke takes out the US embassy in Israel.

      AP poll has OSU #6 Mich #7
      USA today/ ESPN has Mich #6 OSU #8

      saturdays wins looked good till miami did the same thing to fla. talk about being in a class by themselves

    • Being a Lion fan is like this: If you stopped hitting your head with a hammer it would feel good. How we got SO bad, SO fast is incredible.
      But after the slaughter by Miami I already started looking at possible first round draft picks for next year. I root for (UM based teams now) the Bears (Thomas and Terrell) Broncos (Griese, Pryce and Gold) and Raiders (they had seven UM guys recently plus Woodson).

      Okays its almost 9:30 so I wont talk football and wait for those great stock post to come.

      ps AQUA: Don't mess with the Texans!

    • Swammi propaganda sezs:
      Today - Take Nebraska and give Utah St. 30 pts.
      Take Ohio St. and give Kent. St. 28.5 pts.
      Take the 2pts. and Troy St. over UAB

      Tomorrow - Take the over of 43 pts. for the Skins and Cardinals game.
      Take the Bills and the 3 pts. against the Jets
      Give up those 8 pts. to Those Texans and take the Cowboys.

      • 1 Reply to aquaox51
      • good calls on college (you can be Aqua the Magnificent (ATM) for at least one day)! I would have been perfect too if Notre Dame didn't score three TDs on turnovers and cover by 1/2 point!

        Pro: I like over 43 on Colts/ jags. Take Dolphins +8 over Lions (another double digit loss season) and the Jets +3 over the Bills.

        ps don't worry about poison pill. This is really like a privately held company.

        VTM (2-1)

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