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  • pablo_yikes pablo_yikes Jan 31, 2005 3:06 PM Flag

    The end of the world's greatest

    democracy is nigh. I'm sure many of the children and teens feel the same way in early stages of every facist or communist state. No separation of church and state, no value placed upon basic liberties, oppression of unpopular sentiment, God help us all.


    "Yet, when told of the exact text of the First Amendment, more than one in three high school students said it goes "too far" in the rights it guarantees. Only half of the students said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories.

    "These results are not only disturbing; they are dangerous," said Hodding Carter III, president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which sponsored the $1 million study. "Ignorance about the basics of this free society is a danger to our nation's future."

    The students are even more restrictive in their views than their elders, the study says.

    When asked whether people should be allowed to express unpopular views, 97 percent of teachers and 99 percent of school principals said yes. Only 83 percent of students did.

    The results reflected indifference, with almost three in four students saying they took the First Amendment for granted or didn't know how they felt about it. It was also clear that many students do not understand what is protected by the bedrock of the Bill of Rights.

    Three in four students said flag burning is illegal."

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    • So many things have changed..I don*t know why, I do blame alot on TV and the movies and media..Alot on parents that don*t put time in their childern..My mother always said a generation of childern were ruined by Dr. Spock.
      Thats why some people do well when they come to this country ..They take the low paying jobs and work hard ..They invest their money in little stores or what ever and go up from there...America is great you can make what ever you want of your life..Its your decision you just have to have to go for it...

    • What age are high school students? 14 to 18 years of age. It's kind of hard to believe that anyone would expect someone in that age range to be fully evolved. Think back when you were that young, do you still view the world in the same way that you did then? I doubt it.

      Life is a never ending learning process. Most people tend to mellow and become more tolerant with age. We don't let 14 year old children vote or sign contracts or marry or many other things that adults do because they aren't ready to make these sorts of decisions.

      Flag burning: How much does anyone here know about the issue? Anyone know why it is legal to burn a flag? When and where the question was settled? The issue was touched on once with the CamelMoron.

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      • When I was a teen we didn*t have drugs as they do now..We did things as groups and if we got into trouble you can bet it was worse when we got home..We were given an allowance but we earned every dollar of it..My mother did work but it was to put food on the table..Buying a home here in the east takes two incomes..The medium price of a home now in our area is 675 thousand..In NYC it will cost you a million for a small apt.. There are very few rentals around here and what are here are high..I don*t know how young people can afford it but somehow they do.. Life is always a learning process...Even at my age I learn something new daily...

      • I was 13 in High School thank you and was 17 in college. Funny thing at that young of an age I was still smarter than most in my class. Our school's curriculum really sucks in the south and is a big reason why businesses would rather import foreign talent rather than hire fellow Americans. Good luck, America. I don't understand burning any American Flags because they have great symbolic meanings. Just because a few assholes are exploiting it and misusing the system for their own wellbeing....well maybe we should lynch and burn them instead.

    • Pablo I have to disagree with you...Alot of childern I know are intrested in what is happening and looking for answers.. So much depends on what parents teach their childern.. Only bad things can happen if you sit back and let it..You have to be active and make sure that our freedoms don*t go by the way side...Believe me if congress had voted that flag burning was aginst the law I would have fought it tooth and nail... If you let one little freedom go then you can bet we will lose alot more... As far as TV and Radio I really have no opinions on because I don*t watch or listen to TV and Radio so don*t know much about it...I read and so far they haven*t taken that away....

    • did those teachers have tenure?
      Listen to Bill O'reilly show tonight. You'll hear a great example of a teachers freedom of speech. Frankly I don't care what the sob says. I do resent him saying it while being paid with my tax dollar.
      Maybe if big gov't got their hand out of our pocket(s!) we could have even more freedom. What good is freedom when over half your $ goes to the gov't? I see even Russia has a 13% flat tax. Of course tenure there is tenuous!

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