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  • keepshorting keepshorting Jul 4, 2011 5:04 PM Flag

    "Will Gold Resource (GORO) Become A $5 Stock?"

    Keep the faith buddy. My target is $4 within 12-24 months, not tomorrow. I really don't care what happens on Tuesday because you cultists will probably be loading up on margin to prevent an outright collapse.

    I don't think Hathaway is going to be left holding the bag. He is in at $4/share and if he is a prudent manager, he will be looking in those massive gains soon.

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    • Ha ha ha ha! LOL! Do you really think that shareholders believe that Hathaway will be selling? Ha ha ha ha!

    • Hathaway's mutual fund bought roughly 1 million of its GORO shares in the 4Q of 2010. When the price was rising from roughly 12 to roughly current price. And Tocqueville's broader investment group was still buying in the 1Q of 2011 (at higher prices than now). That is according to Morningstar's online service (to which I subscribe).

      Spare me your nonsense about their cost basis being $4.

      And you are lying if you are naked short this stock for a holding period of 1-2 years. You may be long HOC.L and short GORO or long gold and short GORO or short GORO until next earnings announcement or some other financial hedgie game made possible by the FED whoring for Wall St (ie giving you all free money by screwing small savers and stupid bank depositors via low interest rates).

      But there is NOTHING in your posts - not one scintilla of actual content that indicates that you are a serious short (ie someone who has actually discovered some accounting fraud or something). The only reason hedgie shorts are playing around in the small cap arena is because the ACTUAL massive accounting fraud in the TBTF banks is being subsidized and legally encouraged by the FED and the SEC and the FASB and the government -- and they would cut off your margin loans if you shorted them.

      And I don't buy anything on margin you idjit.

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      • serious short (ie someone who has actually discovered some accounting fraud or something).
        so there has to be accounting fraud to justify going short? you really believe that nonsense? stocks get mispriced all the time. GORO has a 1.3 billion market cap when it should have a 250 million market cap, no financial fraud necessary.

    • that's the big ? --- what will it take for the big holders to start unloading on the retail market?

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