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  • keepshorting keepshorting Aug 15, 2011 12:50 PM Flag


    and they produced a total of 2700 actual ounces of gold out of the 13500 gold equivalent ounces. it is like buying a BLT from the local deli and finding out they are using turkey bacon. not the same thing. the collapse is going to be one for the record books.

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    • Please you must forgive him - he gets deranged when his plans collapse around him. Last time the family had to have institutionalized for shock treatment. All it did was fry his brain more.

      If he wasn't my twin...

    • Very interesting, Shorty. You have been arguing with me that an increase in the gold/silver ratio is very bad news for GORO. You have also stated that you believe that gold and silver prices will increase over time.

      Now in this most recent posting you argue that rising PM prices (relative to other assets) are good for the miners.

      Hmmmmm. Can't make up your mind? Which will it be? We all know the answer. You and the rest of the shorts are cooked and you're thrashing around for viable arguments against GORO (hint, there aren't any).

      Liar, liar, shorts on fire!

    • >>>>>... it is like buying a BLT from the local deli and finding out they are using turkey bacon.<<<<<

      Except it may be like buying the local deli, as GORO is more like the deli rather than just a sandwich. GORO has six properties in the area forming around 200 square miles:

      (1) The area is what Cortez claimed Montezuma mined the ancient Mexican gold,

      (2) These properties are where there were old Mexican mines in the last century, that mined super high grade silver.

      (3) High grade ore grab samples of silver and gold have been found throughout the property recently.

      (4) El Rey property showed pure gold veins after a few drill holes.

      This is still an exploration company with a lot of potential to make great finds, and with the added feature that it is producing enough cash by selling concentrates to be not only self sustaining, but it is make increasing profits and revenue selling high grade ore concentrates.

      September is coming. It is traditionally when gold prices start to climb for the year end holiday season.

    • barsolid77,

      you really are clueless. the perfect environment for a gold miner is a credit contraction because real money (i.e. gold) rises relative to every other major asset class during such contractions. that means input costs go down and profits go up. yet you are rooting against it. notice the gold:oil ratio is turning very favorable for miners. this is exactly what happened in the 1930's. homestake mining profits went up like crazy even though the price of gold was fixed. how is that possible? mining input costs plummeted. which is what we are seeing now.

    • You have no idea about credit contraction and how it works in relation to the ability of the Fed to stimulate by printing or otherwise. Don't even go there or I will write you a six page post about how Austrian vs Keynesian vs Post- Keynesian vs MMT influences the thinking of Dr. Bernanke and how he views his options. Took me several years to figure out how he thinks and I have him nailed and it is so f--king complicated that even if I simplify it your head will spin but here is a hint. The money is backed by nothing but our guns and as long as people use it and the yields are low and inflation doesn't explode Mr. B can and will print (really computer create) a close to infinite amount of money. He will create so much money that the Helicopter won't be big enough to carry it all. They'll need a way to get a battleship to fly. Credit crunch my a--. JMHO

    • so keeps,
      what do you think will be the big thing that takes goro down to $4? curious... 3q results? gold and silver collapse? tocq hochs allianz vanguard oppie blackrock all pulling the plug? please enlighten me as to what to look for. thanks ill owe you 1

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      • when the market wakes up and realizes that GORO is a silver stock with very little gold. right now the market is pricing in millions of ounces of gold that I don't believe exists. i also believe that gold is going to outperform silver bigtime and that is going to force GORO to admit that their lofty AUEQ targets will be impossible to reach. just wait and see what happens when that ratio soars back to 60:1. GORO is going to warn and the market will wake up.

    • Shorty, your script has gotten awfully repetitive and completely lacking in any substance. You continue this ridiculous angle that they are not producing much in the way of gold.

      So what!

      Looking at Q2 results, they are producing gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc and doing quite a nice job of it. Remember Q2 results, all development and production expenses paid for, all dividends paid for, plus money in the bank? Don't quite see where the impending collapse is going to come from in those numbers. But you know that. You just cannot admit it.

      You must understand by now that not a single one of the longs here on this board believe anything you say. So why do you continue to waste your time here acting like a GORO chicken-little? It is amusing. It is entertaining. But that's about it.

      Gold and silver both up again so far today. And BTW, silver is actually up a greater percentage than gold, so the ratio is getting smaller. You're swimming upstream and we all get to watch you struggle.


    • Please forgive my evil twin for distorting the facts again and again.

      He is so desperate, he will do or say anything.

      The 31st is coming - will it be a 1,2, or 3 increase in the dividend?

      Gee and check out the POG right now...going up again.

      My evil twin will be taking it up his port hole. Hate it when he squeals like a girl.

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