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  • keepshorting keepshorting Aug 15, 2011 9:00 PM Flag


    Have you not noticed that institutional funds are picking up more and more shares of GORO each quarter?
    you have noticed that 5 million shares are short? who is right? the institutional funds or the hedge funds?

    Second of all, your "thesis" on the gold/silver ratio is full of holes.
    In a credit contraction, the ratio always goes up. If we have something similar to 2008, the ratio will skyrocket. And if that happens, GORO has 0% chance of doing 200k AUEQ in 2013. That would be lucky to do 100k AUEQ. So get your excuses ready. That is something you longs are good at.

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    • Your thesis remains full of holes. You refuse to acknowledge the biggest one. You focus way too much on total ounces and not nearly enough on total profits. If the gold/silver ratio skyrockets, it is because gold and possibly silver as well skyrocketed. And if gold and possibly silver skyrocket, GORO will be a money-making machine.

      You know something. If GORO quadrupled it's dividend and quadrupled it net profits, but didn't make it's target number of ounces, I highly doubt the market would give a hoot about the miss on total ounces. In fact, I know the market wouldn't give a hoot.

      You are dead wrong in your reasoning. You know it. But it is just about the only reasoning you have left to try to scare some people out of their shares.

      Not going to work. Better cover while you can.


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