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  • sambrichsanzo sambrichsanzo Aug 31, 2011 6:38 PM Flag

    A complete and pathetic piece of garbage

    Thats Keepshorting. Who has never added anything worth discussing. His wet finger in the air, valulation of Goro @ $4.00 has never been explained. His seemingly ignorance of Doug Groh,s analysis of 2mn to 3mn AU equiv for the primary mine alone....seems to escape him. Has this person ever added anything of value to this discussion? i don't think so. Just a worthless piece of crap= Keepshorting..Pure Garbage.

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    • Of material mined, with the ore concentrations being what they will be. Of course the assumption is that the ore concentrations are commercially viable for the cost structure and pricing that is in place at that time. Rio Tinto is already using totally unmanned mining equipment. This movement towards intelligent computerization of mining equipment will continue at an accelerating pace over the next 20 years. Additionally, the market price of gold and silver will probably increase substantially. My point to KS is that I could see this company being in profitable production for the next twenty years. Obviously exactly what the earning and profitability will be is unknown at this time, but again there are several points that are helping GORO:
      a) This is a almost completely unexplored tract with very significant PM ore concentrations.
      b) The cost structure as equipment improves will only go down.
      c) the selling price of their output including PMs and base metals will probably go up.
      d) My understanding of what is occurring in Mexico (other than the Narcos, who get a lot of press) is that this country is doing a pretty good job of making developmental progress. They are growing and they are strengthening their currency different than the U.S.
      Sorry about the previous typos, but it was late. glta

    • I said 500k ounces AU.

      he said: My blind guess (and I am very good at these) is that GORO has two orders of magnitude more ore on their property than you believe and I am trying to be conservative here.

      that means 50 MILLION OUNCES.

    • Oops, just realized that maybe you didn't even notice that Bar has stated "50 million tons". That's even worse.

      Gotta laugh!

    • Shorty, Shorty, Shorty. You must stop your lying and deceiving. You're sounding like little Natash with all your attempts at obfuscation.

      Bar said "50 million tons" and you countered in the same e-mail "50 MILLION OUNCE DEPOSITS" (in all caps to boot).

      Come on, Shorty. You can do better than that. Try to argue what somebody actually posts for a change.


    • but someone finding 50 million tons on that property over the next 20 years would not surprise me at all.
      GORO won't be around in 20 years. How many 50 MILLION OUNCE DEPOSITS have ever been found on planet earth? LMAO!!!!! No wonder you own GORO, you are delusional.

    • Bar, Shorty hasn't done any calculations in order to come up with his "estimate". Like most of his posts, he just plucked his number out of thin air. There is no factual or logical basis for his number. Let's see if he can come up with something more concrete in terms of reasoning. I doubt it.


    • 15-20 years is a very long time and technology and pricing changes a lot during that time period. That is exactly what I am saying. Exactly the pace of mine development and the cash flow generated will be what determines the future price of the stock, but someone finding 50 million tons on that property over the next 20 years would not surprise me at all. The fact that you are so sure of your limited and minimalistic calcs amazes me to no end. I hope you made another dollar on my answer. But what do I know. Very little I am sure. JMHO

    • thanks for those kind words. you are just another blind shareholder who refuses to look at the facts. bet you didn't know GORO was really a silver company when you purchased shares in it. by the way, who is Doug Groh and why should anyone care about his opinion?

      I believe the market cap should be around $200-$250 million and that is where I got the $4/target. That is based on their own internal estimates of their AUEQ count.

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