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  • steadyhoo steadyhoo Sep 16, 2011 12:18 PM Flag

    Thanks Amadeus !!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your relentless postings countering all the lies and misinformation about GORO. It is paying off.
    The whole shorting game is based on lies and misrepresentations, trying to influence investors' psychology and plant a seed of doubt.....and it appears the longs are winning this crooked game forced on us by the shorts. I am certain that some unsuspectful honest investors were suckered in to the short side by this game and they are about to be tought a lesson.

    I think the short covering has started today based on the volume and price what it is.

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    • You cannot doubt that GORO absolutely has well run mining facilities and good management that rewards shareholders.

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      • The short are the ammo that will accelerate the next move to $50. A gift they are giving to us at $22, I have nearly doubled my position, waiting for the last 20 minutes today to add a big chunk of that. I wanted to ensure that they had no chance of hitting their $22.50 put options strike.

        and thank you BILL JASON DAVID for such a wonderful opportunity to share in your success!

    • i think this is just new buying from the conference shorts aren't close to covering give it 3 more bucks and they will

    • I met a company today at the Toronto mining show They have a property acquired across the street from GORO. They (the geo's / management) have visited and been to the GORO property. They said they were very impressed by the operations. Specifically the size of the massive tailings pond (#1), the amount of concentrate sitting there ready to be sold and mentioned they expect GORO to mine significant quantities of ore once they got enough levels completed.

      They mentioned that GORO should be exploring more because the size of their project and upside possibility remains huge. They applauded GORO's production efforts, business strategy and relationship in the community.

      You could tell they were jealous of GORO's property even though they seems to have some nice hits just across the highway. They've been in this part of the world for many years.

      GORO is the real deal.

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      • And of course there was a big plug for GORO in front of an audience roughly 500 gold investors in size. Mostly Cannucks. It was a gold / silver discussion with Sprott's portfolio manager (Eric Sprott had to cancel last second), GATA's Bill Murphy and GoldSeek's Peter Spina who responded to a question on the shorting of gold shares and the huge divergence between gold stocks and gold prices. Spina talked about the possibility to fry the shorties with a gold in kind divi and specifically about GORO.

        The Canadian audience went WILD when learning about GORO as if they never heard of it before. They should. It does NOT come close to anything else here. Nothing. Spina was swamped with goro questions afterwards and just this wildness about this new discovery . I didnot catch up again but I spoke with a bunch of brokers out of Toronto and one from Vancouver after they spoke with Spina about GORO and make sure they understood the story clearly. AND it was clear to them that GORO is a darling gold stock which has no canadian exposure and they wanted in before the Canadians did!

        GORO is going to go crazy up here in Canada once they get their stamp of approval (43 101). This is a mining country which understand producers and exploration very well. GORO is going to set a new gold standard up here. Hurry up goro!

    • So if one subsidiary makes a profit and the other a larger loss, the first actually made a loss? That's smart. Not.

    • You can argue it either way depending on which buckets the dollars came out of so I wouldn't call anyone a liar.

      The point is, it wasn't an issue, it's not an issue, it won't be an issue.

    • >>You can argue it either way depending on which buckets the dollars came out of <<


      If your wife spends more than you made in month, then she has spent more than you made that month regardless of what "bucket" she claims she took the money from.

      Are you really this easily fooled?

    • "Not unless the company can pay the dividend without being forced to raise new, outside capital. I know that it doesn't bother the cultists on here, but that doesn't make it shareholder friendly."

      Not worth responding to the vast majority of your hissy-fits here these days. But let me respond to this one.

      1. The company was able to afford to pay a dividend without having to raise capital in Q1. That is a fact.

      2. The company was able to afford to pay a dividend without having to raise capital in Q2. That is a fact.

      3. The company is able to continue to afford to pay a dividend without having to raise capital in Q3. That is almost a guaranteed fact from the company's mid-quarter shareholder update.

      4. The company will VERY LIKELY be able to pay a dividend without having to raise capital for the foreseeable future, if ever.

      Now, your argument above is so typical of the crap that you spew. You were, yet again, arguing a hypothetical. Is the hypothetical possible - yes (the company will run out of cash and need to raise capital). It is unlikely - yes. It is highly unlikely - yes. So we longs are right in not being bothered about a situation that is highly unlikely to ever take place. That is what investing is all about. Every investment involves risk. But the downside risk in GORO right now is so much less than the upside potential.

      Yeah, management's dividend approach is very shareholder friendly. The REMOTE possibility that it might not work does not change that shareholder-friently quality at all.


    • Hey Steady,

      As your alias suggests, steady we go. It's nice to see a dollar up day. Haven't seen one in awhile. You are correct that the whole agenda by the shorts is to instill fear and doubt in the longs and scare them into selling their shares. It is despicable that the shorts cannot simply place their bets and see what happens. After all, if the company is truly overvalued, then it will drop of its own accord.

      But the shorts can't play fairly, and have to resort to sordid hit articles and 100-share downdrafts in order to accomplish their goals.

      GRC is a great company with a rare management team that is not only focused on growing the business, but alaos rewarding their shareholders.

      BTW, I don't we have seen any real shorting yet. The fun is just beginning!


    • Paying a consistent and consistently increasing dividend is shareholder friendly. Keeping a very tight share structure is shareholder friendly. Balancing dilution with income is shareholder friendly. WTF do you want?? Enough with the dilution concerns. This is one of the least dilutive companies on earth!!! Your arguments are so stupid.

    • Who cares?
      this is why GORO is a cult stock. The Reid's can do no wrong. A startup company paying a dividend out of the treasury is not a big deal to you? You deserve to lose every penny u got...and u will.

      GORO is to the gold sector what NFLX is to the tech sector. Enjoy bagholder.

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