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  • keepshorting keepshorting Jan 11, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    barsolid getting killed in NFLX

    i can play that game too.
    see ya @ $18 before end of 2012.
    not a typo!!!

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    • What is really sad is I am really a buy long term kind of guy, but they are making that impossible
      we all want to be a buy long term kind of guy but it is impossible in this market. only way i will ever be long term is if the market falls so low that the dividend yield on the sp500 is at least 6% (currently under 2%). then i would park a huge chunk in SPY, etc. other than that, no thanks. i believe that stocks today are more overvalued than they have ever been in history. for the chart guys, that head and shoulders is pointing to about 1000 on the DOW. LMAO!!!!!

      i still believe DOW:GOLD ratio is going to 1:1 in this decade, maybe within 3-5 years. 3000:3000 - 4000:4000 is my guess.

    • I bought at 80 and my stop is at 91. If they hit it I am gone. How is that getting killed? 12% in a week? And it is also not an especially big holding. Bizarre comment.

      Also though I wish I had more Goro I do still have my Gold and Silver ETFs which are performing very well so that is all good. My problem areas are Apple and Google since they ran up and I really want to hold them for earnings but they are getting beat up a little. That and just took a small Nat Gas position for the first time (2.78 is just too cheap). Down a penny on it but I hoping we go back to 3.00. Either brave or stupid there, but jeez 2.78 and I think the warm winter weather is priced in. What really hurts is I had Cocoa (at the bottom) and through stupidity and impatience closed out the position so of course now it runs. I wait and see if it pulls back. GLTA

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