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  • keepshorting keepshorting Feb 2, 2012 2:02 PM Flag


    sept 2011 - "We will have a great Q3 earnings release behind us, followed by an even better Q4 release, plus a 43-101 by end of year/January."

    jan 2012 - "I just explained to you IN DETAIL why 20% down was completely expected. Let me repeat what I posted earlier ..."

    so amadeus says Q4 will be better than Q3 in sept and then yesterday says the complete opposite. he is a fraud and I really believe he is a paid pumper. Probably works for the Reid's (cleaning their toilets, etc.)

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    • You're a C grade basher, if you get more than pennies a post the hedge fund is vastly overpaying you.

    • Pays to advertise in advance before you actually post and make it official.

      Hey youre the idiot who was predicting a $40 stock price. Now your trying to get other people to make stupid predictions. Sorry, jerk, we're not as stupid as you are.

    • ICrap,

      I don't have to call you an idiot, your screen name says it all. Pays to advertise in advance before you actually post and make it official.

    • <<so amadeus says Q4 will be better than Q3 in sept and then yesterday says the complete opposite.>>

      Hi Keepshorting. A question, I think is of import:
      Without naming names, why do you suppose that some on this message board (and management of GORO) when their grandiose statements are subsequently contradicted by real life data feel that they have a moral standing to make further statements that will be believed?

      Just curious about the human behavioral aspects and the interplay of a proselytizer and his followers.

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      • By the way, you do know that you are asking this question of a guy who's been predicting a $4 share price and $10 silver (or something like that) for quite some time now (ie, someone with negative credibility)?

      • The projections and cost estimates are all getting better. If you have a problem with that, you are a scumbag. Even with things not going exactly according to plan, the mill is built and paid for, lots of precious metal is being produced at leading economics.

        All of the bunk you have produced cannot deny that.

      • It is just like religion. You can present a mountain of evidence but the religious fanatic will never change his mind. I have provided a mountain of evidence that GORO is massively overvalued. The 20% dropoff in AUEQ production was not a lucky guess, it was 3rd grade math based on the rising gold/silver ratio. It is amazing how not one of them figured this out. Then they claim that it was not a disaster. 20% drop in sequential quarters is not a disaster? LMAO!!! The problem is that they are using a rising stock price to validate their own personal thesis for owning the stock. When a stock is going up, people will believe anything. That is exactly how Netflix got to $300/share. Almost everytime Jaguar Mining missed a target, the stock got slaughtered. But everytime GORO misses a target (which is 100% of the time), the stock goes up. More evidence that it is a cult stock. When the stock collapses, everyone is going to be pointing the finger instead of blaming themself.

      • Engy,

        You are asking keepshorting this question??? He of the $9 silver prediction and the ever elusive $4 GORO price target???
        I get it. You're curious why some people who make outrageous predictions that don't come true keep posting, so you go straight to the King of Misinformation for an expert opinion.

      • Engy can't see the forrest because he has found so many trees. Totally lost and his Short Group now begins to feel deep financial pain. POOF, there go their 2012 bonus checks.

    • amadeus gets 25 cents per post. lmao!!!!

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