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  • pm_guru_1 pm_guru_1 Feb 6, 2012 12:39 AM Flag

    18.9 Days to cover!

    Wow. These nimrods only had the sense to cover a miserable 100k shares from end of Dec to Jan 13.

    Look at the analyst estimate for 2012. The revenue is going to skyrocket, which means the already fairly large dividend is set to rise strongly.

    And silver will go up more than gold, meanings GORO Au-eq production gets better and better. When the start getting tonnage from gold-rich El Rey things will get even better.

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    • 25 days to cover now!!!

      The next 1 penny dividend increase will put yield up to 2.8% at $25.

      This stock can have a parabolic blowoff if gold goes thru $2000 and GORO makes guidance.

      This stock is awesome if you think silver is going to $50 and you think getting a "Dow" type dividend yield with precious metal leverage is good.

      With Hochschild, mgmt, and institutional support so strong, this tiny float is gripped with strong hands and shorts deserve to get beelined to $40 even if gold is flat $1700-1800 for a while.

    • >>Look at the analyst estimate for 2012.<<

      What analyst estimate?

    • There is something logical about the Shorts complaining about the the ever swinging ratio and that GORO has a lot of silver.

      What does seem to be true is GORO continues to increase tonage. It depends on the ratio if the AuEq is up, but the earn continue to rise.

      If gold was at $3000 and siver at $40 our product may be down, but our revenues would be up. As long as our revenues continue to rise, I am not that concerned about the Ratio. Perhaps GORO should call themselves a balanced metals company? I actually prefer silver and believe it will go higher faster than gold in the long run.

      Just a thought in the middle of the night.

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