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  • marro200 marro200 Mar 15, 2012 3:08 PM Flag

    Motley Fools up to there tricks

    The name of the company fits. I wouldn't doubt if the shartster works there. Its funny that you cant write that tool Brian a message back. They compare Goro to BHP one of the biggest miners and give a 3 yr return when they have only been producing for over a year.

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    • You made a good trade on that double down.

    • >>Did you cover your short with nflx? I was away from the computer for about a month but i saw it went up to the $130 area and made me to nervous to jump, i'm sure there will be another chance.<<

      I almost covered half yesterday, but decided that I will wait for <$100.

      I shorted around $116 and doubled down at $126, so I would usually have covered my double down position by now. However, I'm convinced that NFLX will have trouble growing on-demand revenue due to excessive competition, and they definitely need to grow to justify their current valuation. So I haven't covered anything yet.

    • Motley Tool is just another arm of the cartel. They obviously have orders from their "higher ups" to scare some selling so that impossibe 30 day to cover short aituation can be resolved.

      How grade schoolish to list BHP, Rio Tinto, and Vale as their competitors LOL. And the ROE based on 3 years trailing is laughable. They made over a dollar a share last year net, and going to make over 2 dollars this year, with PM dividend increasing.

      If GORO does indeed hit their 200k oz target in 2 more years then if gold was $2000 and their cash cost was near zero we are talking $400M cash flow or almost $8 per share.

      I would imagine 1/3rd would continue being paid which would indicate a yield of over 10% for anyone buying now under $25. Double digit gold coin yield!?!? Gonna be nice. Can you imagine the 3M shorts competing with 5-10M in buying power? If GORO dips to teens again watch the Sprotts and Hathaways of the world load up the truck with more.

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      • It's actually 3.86M shares short not 3M as of Feb 29. 30+ days to cover.

        Big gold yield.

        2015. Gold is $3000. Silver is $100. GORO cash costs are negative $500 per oz. They produce 200k. GORO will cash flow $700M (almost $14 per share.) Dividend will be $4.80 or 40 cents a month. That would be a 20% yield from today's price. GORO will trade for 15 times cash flow or $210 and have a current yield of 2.3%.

        Just a hypothetical best case scenario for silver prices and GORO production ramp.

        Barron's has tried to slam GORO. The stock scam outfir run by the Mafia tried to slam GORO. Motley Tool trying to slam GORO. My only reply is "GOLD AND SILVER DIVIDEND B*TCHES!"

        Let's not forget Hochschild is sitting on $700-800M cash and could buy the 72% of GORO they don't own outright with cash today. I also think a 3rd party could come to Hochschild with an offer in the high 20s. Every miner wants to operate a property with near zero operating cash costs in a high price environment, which is the next 5-10 years.

        Thy will be done. May real money be fruitful and multiply. Amen LOLOLOLOL

    • Gives fools a bad name. I noticed that they described us as an 'exploration stage' company. Last time I checked we have been in production for over a year. Shorts probably spoon fed them this one.

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