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  • stdennis44 stdennis44 Feb 6, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

    31st monthly dividend....


    Keep'em coming GORO we love dividends.
    Shorts must hate em.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Stdennis has made about $1.50 in dividends over the past 31 months but has seen the SP in GORO decline by $17.00 in the past 2 years. That means he has lost over 50% of his holdings in GORO over the past two years.
      The Reid's are counting on their mathmatically challenged shareholder like stdennis to get this scam alive.

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      • Tim Brown,

        It's funny how you use 2 different time periods so as to maximize the negative point of your post. For us long-term shareholders, correct that we have made about $1.50 in dividends over the past 31 months since production began. The stock closed at $12.90 on 6/30/2010. The stock is now $13.59, $15.09, when you factor in the dividends. That's a 17% profit so far, with an ongoing dividend yield over 5%.

        There is nothing mathematically challenged about those numbers. My profits are actually much higher than that, since I originally bought in in the Fall of 2007, when the stock was around $4, and went all-in in the Fall of 2008, when the stock was under $3. Sure, my profits could have been higher, if I had sold everything in the high 20's. But I have taken out hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits over this time period. How much have you made?


    • "" Keep'em coming GORO we love dividends.
      Shorts must hate em. ""

      Ha ha. Yeah, shorts must really hate paying $0.06 per month while the stock drops $0.50 per month. Meanwhile, the dividend is draining GORO's treasury.

      Will the GORO Longs finally admit that it was stupid for the company to buy-back it's stock in the $20 range? GORO was grossly overpaying for its own shares.

      Will GORO need to reprice it's options AGAIN, down from $18 to $13? If not, then how will they keep their employees happy?

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