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  • engynear engynear Feb 11, 2013 6:12 PM Flag

    This Day in GORO History---2/11/2012

    In a rare moent of lucidity and candor, "stdennis44" proffers about the long wait for the 43-101:
    "Thinking out loud........
    The 43-101 is either not too good or they delayed results to enhance the report with more samples."

    To which "Keepshorting" responds:
    "LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this is OK with you?"

    Ulf responds, somewhat in agreement. But he cannot resist a kneejerk contrivance for the delay:
    "Maybe they wanted Blackrock to finish their buying first"

    "Barsolid" jumps in there initiating the comparison with AAPL:
    "it is really all the more amazing that Goro is up and steady like it is. It and Apple are both fighting huge downtrends and doing a very good job I might add. JMHO"

    Robsharp tells the future of the stock (from the TA in his mind). He is molded of the apophreniac culture created on the Private Board. He sees a pattern that simply does not exist:
    "There is strong support at $24, though it may not ever get that low as it seem as if someone keeps buying. $24 is the price I add more options. I may not get the chance."

    "Alex_Nemese" posts a link to a thread calling GORO a great short sale.

    Immediately the link is vilified by Robsharp for its all-caps change in font.

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