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  • ipdaily69 ipdaily69 Jul 5, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    MetalMoney board....OMFG

    The SORO dupes have found a new home and their board leader....Joe NordClue...aka WhenItComesI'llBeDead....could possibly be the densest human on the planet. Their site was created as a sanctuary for SOROistas and goldbugs and Joe doesn't disappoint by grasping at any tidbit that paints gold in a positive light.
    Even more fascinating is what they choose to ignore.
    1) Strengthening dollar....ignored
    2) Lack of PM demand ....ignored
    3) Improving US economy....ignored
    4) Dumping of paper metals (ETFs) .....ignored.....not only is this ignored but they can't bring themselves to admit that ETFs are the real reason for the metal spike over the last few years. They refuse to admit that that money has moved on....into the stock market.
    5) PM correcting back to a normal chart.....ignored. Two outlier spikes in the past 40 years.....and what always happens to MetalMoney......ignored

    Much like the spell Bill Reid had on these same dupes, Jim Sinclaire, John Doody, and the other "expert" blog profiteers have effectively brainwashed this group of true believers and no form of intervention will snap these clowns out of this spell. Always Wrongadeus rode his profits so far into the ground he now lives in a dumpster behind Brooklyn bagels.......but he still loves Reid, Doody, sinclaire, Hathaway, etc. Good for your, Stick to your convictions.......use one of your SORO rounds on a bagel and smear

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