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  • keepshorting keepshorting Jul 5, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    the price of gold and silver have nothing to do with GORO

    GORO has very little of both metals, per their 43-101. this stock is nothing but a bunch of lies and an orchestrated pump n dump. the market cap should be under 100 million right now and it will get there. the Reid's have given up because the hoax has been unraveled. waterfall collapse coming later this year. $0 could be on the table!

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    • Orchestrated pump-n-dump?? Are you insane? It's so annoying to see your BS continually posted here. Haven't you been keeping up with the news about the Arista deposit, and the advances at the Aguila mill? And GORO continues to pay over 4% dividend, as if that money is just printed or something. Duh. This stock is ridiculously undervalued.

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      • 3 Replies to yatozhe
      • Yes - orchestrated pump n dump
        1) Reid's lied from day 1
        2)Don Phillips sold the story
        3)John Doody sold the story too

        All part of an orchestrated pump n dump!

      • What news about the L'Arista deposit?
        Don't tell me you buy what the Reids are selling?
        Have they dazzled you with a choice drill hole?
        Sure, I bet there are pockets of nice ore scattered about their property. But the fact remains (and their INDEPENDENT resource report clearly states) the average grams/tonne taken as a whole is far from impressive....certainly not the treasure trove the dupes continue to believe exists. You are what you mine. Everything else is a calculated distraction from the reality of the situation.
        Do yourself a favor and get out you calculator, punch in current metal prices into past quarter production......and you too will discover that SORO faces net losses in the quarters ahead. What multiplier will you tack on to negative earnings?
        I thought all the dupes had jumped ship. Good to see one "believer" remains. Have at it

      • "" And GORO continues to pay over 4% dividend, as if that money is just printed or something. ""

        Ha ha. In the past, GORO paid a dividend even though they were losing money and had to sell stock in order to make the dividend payments - which is incredibly stupid from a corporate finance perspective. It's funny that you just assume that GORO has enough cash flow to cover the dividend even though you don't know.

        "" This stock is ridiculously undervalued. ""

        On what basis are you claiming that the stock is undervalued? The stock is actually grossly overvalued.

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