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  • Anybody know the proposed dividend on NMM? Thanks.

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    • Anybody know the REASON for NMM? I'm confused; NM sets an IPO for a new company, NMM, which will buy NM's ships, thus shifting assets from NM to NMM, right?

      And what in the world is the purpose of all this - sounds like an old fashioned shell game: where's the pea? Except instead of looking for a pea under a walnut husk, we're looking for ships represented by stock tickers.

      And YES I've looked for information on this, but aside from the bare facts of the case I can find no explanation. Anybody?

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      • Quoting trubulator from a post yesterday: "I suggest you read the NMM prospectus, which spells it out very plainly. But a synopsis:

        NMM: high dividend payout, owns capes and panas on 3+ year charters. Should be a source of steadily increasing high dividends.

        NM: low payout, owns Handsizes, Supras, some panas and capes, does FFA trading, owns a port in S America, manages NMM. Should be a source of growth, but harder to figure out than NMM. "

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