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  • winomaster winomaster Oct 10, 2012 11:10 PM Flag

    Motley Foole On Dividend Security

    " While Navios Maritime is still paying a dividend, judging from the cash flow statement, it could be in imminent danger."

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    • Nothing like a vague, unsubstantiated warning to sell clicks!

      I think the author needs to take a more critical look at NM, here are a few points to consider when evaluating dividend safety:
      +NMM pays NM about 28.5MM per year (from the Jefferies PPT, slide 23)...covering NM's expected payout of 24.6MM
      +Fixed charters as a mix of total revenue is strong (2012 fixed costs are covered by fixed charters)
      +Charter insurance dampens the company's exposure to a painful BDI
      +Minimal debt repayment obligations before 2017
      +Cash contribution from Navios Logistics (dry port completed in April 2012, contracted revenue until 2017)

    • 'Fools' is exactly what Motley is made up of. All one has to do is look at some of their 'positive' coverage on some LOSER stocks and it's easy to tell they speak with a forked tongue.

    • What a joke lol....Several hundred million in cash, m#$%$ive amounts of cash flow, that will still be coming in with rates depressed where we are, and the dividend is in danger?

      Several people on here open their traps every once in a while about how this stock is going lower or how all the smart money has left. No, not really, there is just no reason to respond to your nonsense. NM is a long story, if you want to trade shipping it is probably the worst I repeat the worst vehicle to do so. If you want to play the BDI or sentiment or whatever play with GNK or DRYS. Dealing with NM is like watching paint dry I won't lie, but if I went in to a coma and woke up in 5 years I would be pretty confident NM is going to be a double digit stock. Angeliki is a genius when it comes to corporate finance and she has a m#$%$ive stake in this company. Every move she has made over the years has increased value over the long term. I don't care about stock price for the moment. It will reflect itself eventually. In the meantime, short it or sell it I don't care, I will keep buying more shares. I don't give stock tips to people, but if someone begs me I tell them invest in NM. It might take 3 years, but I strongly believe you that you will double your money and then some. Oh and one final thought I am not a super bull on all dry bulk, more companies will fail, and guess what it will only strengthen the ones that survive. I have shorted EGLE, GNK, DRYS and made plenty of money. The worst part about this whole crisis and cyclical bottom for Navios is that its going to be a huge pain in the #$%$ to climb those smoke stacks and paint a giant N on top of those Eagle;s and such. Goodnight, thats my rant and don't expect a response.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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