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  • trubulator12345 trubulator12345 Nov 5, 2012 3:19 PM Flag

    What is going on?

    We seem to be steadily creeping up in price, yet there has been no news and the bdi mostly just flops around. Any ideas what is going on?

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    • Best guess: The trouble at OSG has people speculating that NM will be the beneficiary of any break-up that might occure. But, that break-up event has to be seen as a long shot. A simple bankruptcy may not result in the movement of any ships to anyone, much less to NM. The danger of buying in at NM's current run-up price is that you could suffer a sharp slump if some sort of settlement in OSG is announced. A second consideration would be, what would be the value of a fleet aquisition to NM in the event of a breakup at OSG. We know nothing about what the details might be. Lots of danger here is being cloaked by peoples greed.

      Bottom line. The higher this goes, the greater the chance that NM investors will be getting burned.

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      • Amatuer hour:

        Still bullish on NM long term. The Chinese leadership is changing and Mario Gabelli opines on Bloomberg that growth in China will be sustained as their economy shifts to a more consumer-driven phase. That positive news is obviously not reflected in the NM price movement today. Perhaps the spring is coiling. I am looking to re-enter as he fiscal cliff hype builds.

        I speculate that NM will consolidate its position during the next couple of quarters. I further speculate that if there are going to be asset acquistions from distressed situations, it will be NMM that is the acquirer because it will be better for them to access the financial markets and assume the risk, and continue to generate cash flow into NM.

    • Mojo, just hit it out of the park. This is a well run forward thinking company that is selling for less than half of book with a 6% divy and little to no downward risk. What aint to love? I just put in another buy order for tomorrow morning at 2 cent below the close today. Wish me luck!

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    • Big volume too...

    • I tend to think that if someone wanted to sell, they would have done it by now. So they stock keeps moving up slowly because of new buyers. I just keep accumulating slowly.

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