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  • doctorsnowman doctorsnowman Dec 31, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    Happy New Year. Read the new SA Report on ERB. Calls for ERB to trade $27. Hopefully 2014 will start with ERB at $5 or better.

    Those that I have had the pleasure to converse with on here happy new year.

    Although ERB made a nice move today to close at $2.73. I think you know I am disappointed as ERB as today's SA article says is probably worth closer to $27 or 10x higher.

    I thought ERB would be at least at $5 by now. But anyway I doubt too many people other than me will complain. Time to be grateful and look towards the future today.

    ERB should get attention as the SA article explains very soon. Hopefully we will get to see that in the next couple weeks and maybe 10x is something we will see soon. Meanwhile those looking for $20 - $30 have a chance to get in ERB below $5 at least for now.

    I hate guessing short term. But I think $5 should get here real soon. Then serve as a floor as ERB works towards double digits.

    Make sure and read the Seeking Alpha Report.

    Anyway again happy new year

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    • Happy new year to all and a special thank you to doctorsnowman whose well written, informative posts enabled me to fully understand and appreciate the vast potential we have here.

    • Although I don't often talk on here, Happy New Year to all. Appreciate doc and the rest of you for the thoughtful insights on ERB. Keep up the good work and know that it's appreciated! Looking forward to a healthy and prosperous new year for all. -- Rok

    • Doc - Happy New Year to you as well. Great SA article. I loaded up hard the past two weeks adding to my previous position. 30k shares long now.

      Thanks for your great insight through this year. May we all prosper with ERB in 2014.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Happy New Year and many thanks for your in depth posting on the board. Needless to say, I like your optimism, and if ERB can only attain 1/2 or even 1/4 of the highest predictions, I will be very pleased. I am thinking that since we did not even get close to the over $3 high of a while back, plus with the strength all day thru the close, and the presentations in mid Jan., we could see a very nice move up in the new year. gta

      Sentiment: Buy

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