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  • doctorsnowman doctorsnowman Jan 8, 2014 9:36 AM Flag

    Crazy good news today. Innovation. 3 new products with guidance as to market potential.

    Can anyone remember seeing ERB announce anything this big or anything like this before?

    Not me. Not ever.

    I am a bit jumbled by this news. It is all happening right in front of our eyes.

    And yes ERB stock has made a move. BUT. It is still below $10 or $20. This is so crazy. But I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. Rather it is time to act than complain about how cheap the stock is.

    It is too easy now. IMO if a few people read the SA report and then simply look at the ERB news like today and the earnings reports ERB will trade double digits. When ERB gets to $20 the conversation on this board will change to looking at future growth and trends around the globe for medical testing by market and disease. That will be fun.

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    • company just plain sucks in their PR.....starting to feel like this is a scam......

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      • I 100% agree with you duck from an earlier post. Erba has the worst PR I have ever seen. However, a scam, I don't believe so. Again simply an opinion but when you look at their books everything is improving, probably not as fast as people would like to see but they are improving. I think we are getting a mixture of increased short interest as well as frustrated investors selling, which along with the lack of earnings and any kind of news is what is driving this stock down. Once earnings are reported this will see a nice little pop, I'm no fool and think it will pop to the moon, but a healthy one I do believe so.

        If investors are going by what one man says on a message board, no disrespect intended to Doc or anyone else then they are in over their heads and should stop investing, at least in bio tech. I believe Doc, and Fox shed some good light on the company and give insightful opinions but no matter what company you are investing in you have to have better reasons then ones given on a public message board.

        I've been with this company for awhile now and it seems like things are headed in the right direction, perhaps I'll be right, or perhaps I'll be wrong, there really are only two ways to go.

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    • Next gap 3.20 if it falls below that run like HELL !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Doc - here are my two questions: 1) there has to be some type of dilution when they combine everything,, right? Just a question of how much? 2) What is realistic timeframe to roll it all up? End of 2014?

      Thanks for all your thoughts. Long at $2.

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      • We had discussed all that on here before. Don't want to rehash the whole conversation.

        But to sum, yes there should be some dilution. Should hopefully be minimal. Mostly due to SEC rules relating to being a public company and protecting shareholders. The likeliest scenario IMO would be minimal. However in the worst possible case of dilution post deal ERB still seems to be severely undervalued.

        Timing is hard to know. It is obvious things are moving quickly in that direction. Two mergers completed and one addition recently. Plus you can see what ERB is doing putting all 13 together in their Marketing, Sales, Website, Trade Shows, Names, Management, Boards, Language used... All in all IMO this happens this year. The sooner the better. IMO as soon as that announcement is made ERB should trade immediately north of $20. Otherwise certain investors will simply buy every share until it gets to a fair price above $20.

        The questions is will ERB get to $27 before that happens or after. That is what is going on today. So upside of $27 pretty quickly with more upside of say $50 after that. Meanwhile what is the downside? ERB growing rapidly, making money. almost no debt, great and growing sector... Frankly I don't see the downside at $4. But that is wheat makes a market.

        Good luck.

    • Doc, any thoughts on JP Morgan conference? Will this have an affect on their presentatin their?

      Thought they would have mentioned their presence there in today's PR.

      Or is the JP Morgan conference just for stonegate security clients?

    • Doc,

      Always great to see this. That was a lot of great information in a short article, seems like a lot of positives could be coming out of Dubai. Gone are the days of IVD and silence from Kevin Clark, it's nice to see some PR from this company. Let's hope after this the awareness of Erba shoots through the roof and the share price to follow like it should.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My favorite part of the release"Well known distributors from over 30 countries where ERBA is currently not represented have applied for being appointed as distributors"

    • It seems that any positive news affects the stock almost immediately as the move up on this announcement is fast and dramatic. Hopefully this will continue to drive investors to this stock. Looking forward to many more up days! Thanks for keeping us in the loop doc.

    • The Laura XL and the Hb-Vario were introduced to us in November weren't they? November 18th, I believe. Now the Lisa one sounds new.

      Don't get me wrong, any positive press is great and I'll take it. I'm long and proud. Lol. Have a great day everybody.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Agreed Doc , now we need wall street to sit up and take notice . It will happen !

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