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  • doctorsnowman doctorsnowman May 8, 2014 7:50 PM Flag

    GREAT news from the ERB Shareholder Report

    Now ERB has sold off, weak holders are out and ERB stock will get back on track to where it belongs. IMO ERB will again go up a lot. Traders that hop on will again help create a roller coaster effect. But the long term outlook is in tact and ERB is getting exciting.

    The fundamentals are terrific. Unless you are a shareholder and read your mail, you have not seen the letter to shareholders. Just got mine. First page 2013 annual report. Here are quotes. Not hype. You can't argue with hard facts. Here some excerpts:

    "The year was a watershed year for ERB"
    ""move forward with our transformational journey"
    The year included - " integration of our newly acquired subsidiaries - Drew and JAS", "closing our facility in UK". moving our production to Miami", "tech updating of all instruments", ramping up production in Dallas", "restructuring our sales , marketing, customer service and manufacturing", "establishing new subsidiary in Mexico", new ERP system..." Can you say turnaround with lost a huge impactful achievements.
    "From net loss to net GAIN.
    5 areas of focus
    1. "planned portfolio and market expansion"
    2. "CONSOLIDATE manufacturing and sales - drive efficiency"
    3. "MORE ACQUISITIONS which will provide new markets, products, and technologies"
    4. "INTEGRATE"
    5. "Talent pool to align with GROWTH and efficiency"

    "serve a much larger market and more customers"
    "hired an experienced sales resource" "to expand"
    "R&D Initiatives have born fruit" "LAUNCH BOTH NEW INSTRUMENTS IN THE 2ND HALF OF 2014" YEE HAH!
    "Expanded Miami by an additional 30,000 square feet"..
    "CONTINUING SEARCH FOR ACQUISITIONS" - "new markets, products and technologies"
    Financials healthy...
    Future Exciting...

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    • Has anyone figured out how to get a digital copy of the ERB 2013 Letter To Shareholders. I posted a few excerpts above.

      But get the letter and read it. That will make for great discussion on this board.

      Unless you believe hat somehow ERB is either a liar or delusional it is hard not to be completely impressed with ERB and all that hey are doing and have plans for. Again don't take that from me. Simply read the annual report, quarterly reports, news releases and importantly the ERB 2013 Letter To Shareholders.

    • Doc, I have to give you and your friends (imaginary or real)credit for coming up with this little scheme of yours. I suppose if your ability is as limited as it appears, you have little chance to make money except by manipulation and deceit. You picked the right stock for your little gambit. Small float and closely held, it doesn't take much volume, up or down to move this thing. Your plan has a shelf life however and your (your other aliases included) frenetic posting recently indicates to me that you're very aware that you're close to being finished. You have zero credibility now. With all the false names, the copied id's, the stupid mimicking and your general hostility, you've become a pathetic joke. You've done a lousy job selling the premise that you don't have a dog in the fight here. This appears to be your life's work and I find you to be a rather pathetic character. Sleep well.

    • What report? Where is it?

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      • Exactly. Nobody has read it. That is why I posted some quotes from it.

        It is the ERB annual letter to shareholders and is part of he 2013 annual report which just recently came out. I believe the letter is not part of the EDGAR filing. Not sure. But companies do not typically post there annual letter's to shareholders.

        In any event the letter is a part of the annual report that was just recently mailed to all ERB shareholders. If you are a shareholder you got one in the mail. If not, maybe you can find it on EDGAR or if you want you can ask ERB to send it to you.

        It is astonishing to me to read al the news in the letter which we had not previously learned from any news releases. Clearly ERB is not hyping their stock. While I am sure they care about shareholders and increasing value, they are longer term players and substance will rule the day.

        However they are doing a much better job of not only growing the company and improving value but also spending the time and resources to communicate with investors with research, investor meetings, investment conferences and hiring an IR firm.

        Combine the two things - greatly improving fundamentals with better communications = happy days ahead for shareholders.

    • I counted 18 separate items of enough significance to merit a separate news release. Many public companies would create even more with all that news. ERB simply does not hype itself. If it did and issued the 18 press releases announcing all that good news surely the stock would be a lot higher.

      But knowing that ERB does not hype itself provides opportunities to buy stock from impatient and or nervous sellers. Instead of crying that ERB does not announce enough of what is going on... I would rather do my own DD, read things like the shareholder letter, new research report from Stonegate, news from trade shows... and get rich taking advantage of an inefficient market.

      This news is IMO not even close to being reflected in the stock price. I have been on this board over 10 years. And when ERB started to make this huge turnaround I said that it was super cheap at less than $1... It rallied to close to $4. Now the fundamentals have advanced so rapidly that is even cheaper now than before at under $2. Watch what happens. $2 will seem really cheap soon based on the fundamentals and the future stock price. You can have fun arguing will ERB go to $20 or $10 or $5... Does it really matter? It is currently at a puny valuation as if it is not a real company. Maybe that was true a few years ago? NOT ANYMORE!

      And rest assured there is NEW news in the shareholder letter. Just read it:

      Innovation - Two NEW instruments being launches 2nd half of THIS YEAR.

      The ERB companies - 55 Countries now. Confirmation from ERB itself of ERB partnering with ALL the GLOBAL ERB companies.

      Hired an "experienced" sales resource for expansion - I wonder who and what that is? Hopefully we will find out soon.

      Talent Pool initiative. I wonder who they have hired?

      Acquisitions - Confirmation of more to come with plenty of money available.

      Expansion - An additional 30,000 square feet of space for expansion. I am not exactly sure but I believe that is around double or 100% increase in space.

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      • Snowman r u off your MEDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Doc Snow, you have some imagination. how in the world you can say they dont hype themselves? after this last little fleeting flutter at $4, id say that was alot of hype. But noone talks

      • Doctorsnowman, as always thank you for your input. Still and always a voice of reason.

      • Thanks doctotsnowman . Also in the report they addressed the concern on the internal control issue. IMO, Erba is a clean company under the radar ready to take off on May 20th after the CC. Suresh Vazrani takes no salary but owns most of it. I did extensive research on him and he is a successful,honest and a smart achiever. I think he will expand this company year over year. I am excited.The Audit report says on quote, "The Audit Committee has received the written disclosures and the letter from MHM required by applicable requirements of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board regarding MHM’s communications with the Audit Committee concerning independence, and the Audit Committee discussed with MHM its independence from the Company. When considering MHM’s independence, the Audit Committee considered whether MHM’s provision of services to the Company was compatible with maintaining its independence. The Audit Committee also reviewed, among other things, the amount of fees paid to MHM for audit and non-audit services.

        The Audit Committee also met with MHM, with and without management present, to discuss the results of its examinations, its evaluations of the Company’s internal controls and the overall quality of the Company’s financial reporting".

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