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  • hatedbutright hatedbutright Feb 1, 2002 1:23 PM Flag

    The rewriting of history begins...

    Man oh man, Isky, I always had complete disdain for your lack of knowledge that you tried to hide behind your big 50 cent words, but you and your bullish buddies are stooping to truly pathetic levels now. Your true colors have been exposed now. Nothing but a complete and total loser. I guess it was inevitable that you guys would try to distance yourself from all the support you've thrown behind VRSN for the last 18 months.

    First you hinted that you were scaling out of VRSN all the way down, and didn't ride it all the way down. Then, you comically tried to lie about even shorting VRSN at certain times during the slide (I still bust out laughing whenever I think about that).

    And now you and buywrong are trying to back peddle completely and give the impression that you were never really "recommending" it, or thought it would go up, or thought it shouldn't be going down. What a laugh.

    You simpleton, sure, you probably never actually said "I think you should buy VRSN," but your 100's of posts left absolutely do doubt about what you thought. You defended it, and you did everything short of point blank stating "VRSN is a good buy, and the shorts have it all wrong."

    Try to rewrite history and back peddle all you want, you sad piker, everyone who has ever read your posts know the truth.

    //Re: Hey BuyLong [OT]
    by: BuyLong55 01/30/02 11:30 am
    Msg: 59937 of 60155

    Sorry, but you won't be able to find one post of mine that "sings it's praises" or in anyway recommends that anyone buy this stock. Next!//

    Simply unbelievable, buywrong.

    // If any of the individuals you so balefully envy and despise (for not being as miserable as you) were actually to hold such beliefs, they might well show up to defend them. But since those are simply fabrications you've attempted to hang on others in hopes of distracting attention from your own pathetic insignificance, prepare to be disappointed when nobody takes the bait.//

    Beyond unbelievable, Isky. What a loser. Have some guts and conviction, Isky. Look at my old posts. During the April rally, and the January rally before that, I NEVER wavered on my convictions. All the way up I stuck to my guns and kept beating the drum. Only a gutless loser would try to paint a picture that he wasn't wrong because "he never said it in the first place."

    Thanks for the laugh, isky, I needed it. The only bigger joke than you, is VRSN.

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    • Nice, wish I'd said that.

      Oh wait, maybe I'll claim I *DID*. Who's gonna catch me? ;-)

    • Yes, yes, and yes. LOL

      Also, HBR should be careful because he gets exceptionally "opinionated" near bottoms, be they short or intermediate term.

      As an addendum to how things are not exactly the same as our most infamous stock market crash...after 9/11, the markets plunged for days and the shorts and bears were screaming for more. More didn't happen. As a matter of fact, many were caught short at that bottom and many many more missed out on a >40% return on the Nasdaq and around 30% on the S&P. People should forget about shorting and holding. That time has passed.

    • Well stated, lordacious. You are a recipient of the ever so covetted 'recommended by flash' award.

      Better be careful, though. You know who might get a little testy and try to take away your bear claw necklace!

      Seriously, our favorite skeptic, as right as he may or may not have been, needs to stop looking at that beautiful face in the (rear view) mirror. A long time ago, in a post that I'm sure he's got book marked (he bookmarks and saves all of my posts, that clever little devil), I told him that for all of his bearish drum beating, I wasn't going to be impressed with him until I saw him correctly call the bottom and the recovery. I doubt we'll ever see that (not the recovery, him calling it). Although it's a little trite, more and more I'm seeing him and his ilk becoming the short side equivalent of the jerks that bought QCOM at 800 (but it was supposed to go to 1000, don't you know). Like ebt111 said, the trick was to ride the short side from NASDAQ 5000 to 1600. As hatey himself said, and I'll trust his math on this one, VRSN is down over 80% from its alltime high. It's at 30 now, if you've been short from anywhere above these levels, for God sakes, cover. Even if it does go below its 52 week low, on a percentage basis, how much more are you going to make? It's a whole new version of 'blinded by the mania'. I won't shed many tears for those that get caught short on the way up, except for those few poor late-to-the-party types that are still getting drawn into the morass.


      BTW- on the subject of credibility, did you catch this little exchange that I had earlier in the week with our 'hero'?

      The wager:

      The results:

      The (expected) super-lame cop out:


    • Several points FWIW...

      1) HBR's call of the Nasdaq bubble is recorded for posterities sake. He(along with some of us others) awoke from the bubble vision hypnosis a little earlier than most. The unwinding of it(the bubble) will take some time. The dot com fiasco is nearly complete. Most of the companies that survived most likely will. The remainder of the unwinding may take years, as witnessed by Japan. Although many do not view our situation as a "Japan II". I don't.

      2) I believe HBR fancies himself a student of not only economics but also of history. We have broken away from a 1929 type of scenario with depression and all. Our unwinding is and will continue to be different. The reason I say this is that monetary policy is different now than what was then. There was actual tightening with no liquidity injections as there are now. Is this good or bad has yet to be determined and we can only say it's different than before.

      3) The longs here(and I feel confident in saying this) not only got in early, but also cashed out at various times, and I'm sure have other investments aside from VRSN. Not to mention a lot of them have more than modest means. Some were caught off guard with the degree of decline, yeah OK, so? need to harp on and on about it ad nauseum for nearly two years.

      4) I am long term bearish because I do believe in a prolonged sideways market. You can't just put your money in the "market" and wait it out. You have to be smart about it. Sounds dumb now, but many have never given it that much thought prior to 2000. I no longer believe in a complete meltdown as was the possibility months ago. Hell, we had a perfect opportunity to fall into the abyss after 9/11, yet were saved. Not to mention Argentina, Enron and a multitude of other bad news. I guess an all out cataclysmic event would do the trick, however is that what you want HBR? To be proven right? For a few lousy bucks? For a chance to say "I told you so"? Life's too short.

      5) Finally, the commercials are getting net LONG and may actually be net long now. They are closing out a lot of their short positions and we are headed for a good IT bottom soon. VRSN and the market in general may(and probably will) continue to slide for the remainder of this month, but it will bottom soon enough.


    • HBR, You've written quite a long post. Too bad I won't read it. I wonder how many other folks won't read your crap anymore?

      I stopped reading your posts after you failed to live up to your word and you proved that you are a BIG LIAR.

      But if all that typing keeps you off the streets, ENJOY!

      • 1 Reply to p0ps1986
      • I don't know what you'all are talking about. I've had HBR and others on "Ignore" for quite some time. I also have to admit, it is almost as annoying to have to sift through all of your replies back to him as it is to read his junk mail. You are playing right into his hands. He doesn't even own a single share of VRSN. He is here to incite. This is how this juvenile gets his kicks. Let it go and save your breath and keystrokes for something worthwhile! Come on back to VRSN!


    • hated,

      You are the one who is truly unbelievably pathetic. The other day when YOU GOT NAILED, the term Clintonesque came to mind, but I didn't post much because it wasn't my argument. (I think someones else' term was "clintonian")

      Today you have such a Daschle tone to you - mean, uninformed, biased, puffy, selfserving, misleading. And your point to all of today's arrogance? Nuthin'! You have no dog in this fight. No massively profitable short position -from $190, nor $90, for that matter.

      It's a shame really, that a fairly good grasp of certain macroeconomic concepts is wasted on a dickless psychotic such as yourself.

      Today's rantings by you follow a fairly predictable pattern. Get your ass kicked by someone, pullback, regroup, then come out with both guns blazing. I'll give you credit for consistency of behavior, but not much else. YOU JUST DON'T GET IT DO YOU????

      "Sorry, but you won't be able to find one post of mine that "sings it's praises" or in anyway recommends that anyone buy this stock. Next!"

      Ha! Not even a good effort of trying to play the same game. GO FIND A POST THAT PROVES OTHERWISE - That's the rules of debate. Support your argument. Flash did!

      "...prepare to be disappointed when nobody takes the bait"

      Don't want you to be disappointed, just to be "disappeared".

      Now that I've pulled your string, your modus operandi would be a furious attack against me, my family, my dog, and anything else that you can lash out at. Go ahead. I'm bored today. Let's play!!!

      • 1 Reply to jx5_austin
      • Why don't you guys just admit that HBR has been right about VRSN over the past year or so and that you guys have been plain wrong. Anyone can see that you have lost the argument, VRSN has been a bad investment. That is what he has been saying and it has turned out to be true.

        All you longs who attack him have been wrong, yet you just will not admit it, and that is what I find, at best, pathetic, and most likely, simply dishonest.

    • <<Only a gutless loser would try to paint a picture that he wasn't wrong because "he never said it in the first place.">>

      Well, for a person who so recently tried to pretend he *DIDN'T* say something in the first place, when the very statement was available for all to see, that's a mighty shaky patch of ground to venture onto. Nevertheless, it does remain true that if the *FACT* is that one didn't say something, then pointing out that one didn't say it is simply telling the truth. It has nothing to do with "winning" or "losing" some contest (?) which exists only in Herbert's perfervid imagination. Diversionary name-calling changes that not a whit.

      While you've been attempting (not with too much success, but my, what an effort!) to hijack thw VRSN message board and turn it into the Herbert Temple of Self-Worship, most of the rest of the participants have simply tried to discuss the prospects for the company as a business and as a trading vehicle. Since you don't actually listen to anything that anyone else says, it would behoove you to avoid embarrassingly ignorant commentary on their statements.

      Unless, as I postulated last night, humiliation sufficiently resembles attention to satisfy your extravagant need to be noticed.

    • 'What a loser. Have some guts and conviction, Isky.'

      Yeah, those qualities surpass all integrity for example. Integrity (i.e. character) doesn't matter.

      Just like bill clinton - hated but 'right'.

      Too funny ace.


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