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  • bulldog2830 bulldog2830 Feb 9, 2006 10:55 AM Flag

    Could someone explain

    what the price of N/G have to do with renting rigs and drillings? This company has agreements for the next 5 years and I'm sure they will be hornored. Why the large price changes when oil or gas move up or down?

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    • Are you stupid?

    • The average investor may know something about buying and selling stocks but is totally clueless about how the energy industry really works. Most planning for replacement oil is done on 5 & 10 year capital expendature planning. People who work in the industry the oil industry know that good times are ahead - primarilly for the oil service companies but also for the refiners and the wholesalers.

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      • the p/e on this stock is 22... so that's 22 years of earnings. knowing that gas operates on a cyclical basis, and current investments depend on gas producers earnings, it makes sense for drillers to move somewhat with the gas price.

        suspecting that most of the hedge funds will wait until after the gas report to move in, i meant to unload my options this morning during the peak, then buy back in after the panic had settled. unfortunately set my price a bit too high. and before i knew it, the panic had set in 5min earlier than i expected... argh.

        now that the cavalry is in, looking for this stock to recapture the morning highs.

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