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  • uddi_uddi_javan uddi_uddi_javan Oct 23, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    After listening CC, Zack starts with SELL downgrade

    More on the way before tomorrow open, $15 or less in works.

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    • Anyone listen to Conf call? Petrello makes you wanna commit suicide. And he trained and worked as a lawyer?
      They really should get a better speaker. Someone who knows how to sell the company.
      I need to listen to BHI's conf call and see why their experience of the US market and pressure pumping performed better than NBR.
      I genuinely believe the company is being geared up for sale. They can't grow their way out of this mess like their peers, because they're not paying attention to the market in a timely fashion. Its a wait and see policy. Once they account engineer their books a little more, LBO.
      Revenues are shockingly poor compared with 12minths ago. Others seem to be back to kast year' s income if not better.

    • As usual...going to regret not selling yesterday at 17.80. But then that's what you get for holding this pos .
      "during the qtr...there was an unprecedented drop off in business xxxxxxxx. But we believe we're turningg the corner. "
      Until the next qtr. I don't think they understand the business.
      Going to have to wait until I get my PC back to listen to the conf call. Anyone hear it?
      I still don't get why BHI can report increased revenues from N.America, NBR can't, even though they're supposed to have the largest fleet.

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