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  • ITinsider ITinsider Apr 27, 2011 12:26 PM Flag

    I pity you poor SFE longs...

    I really do.
    Once I was one of you and kept hoping the good old days would return for this stock. But when the split was announced I sold all my shares and took my loss. Which was immense for my standard.

    But hey, I was freed from the pain of seeing a stock in the doldrums for years...

    When you want to invest in a Business Development Company (BDC) take a look at ACAS.
    They came back from the death as well but ther prospects are far superior than those of SFE.
    You only have to look at the daily volume that is traded in ACAS versus SFE and you see a much bigger opportunity looming than to stay with the SFE P.O.S.

    If Paulson has a 13% stake in ACAS it says more than 1000 words.

    Good luck to all of you.

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    • ACAS seems to have the following advantages compared to SFE:
      ***Better gross margin
      ***Better operating margin
      ***Better EPS
      ***Lower trailing P/E

      ACAS seems to have the following disadvantages compared to SFE:
      ***Far more debt
      ***Far less cash per share
      ***Slightly less book value per share
      ***Higher forward PE

      Both companies seem to have ample cash to remain solvent going forward. In fact, SFE appears to be a juicy takeover target, due to its huge cash hoard.

      ACAS, on the other hand does not, due to it's debt load.


    • no shyt, watson.

      sfe has gone up 70% since the split. since i bought 40,000 shares at $.43 to $.70, in addition to another 35,000 at prices ~ $1.65 average, i have made much more than you! i think most of us oldtimers have had about the same experience.

      so, why do you pity us? we made money. when you determined that your purchase of acas was so superior to our holding sfe, did you discount the kick in the rear you took when you were selling your shares?

      i'm sorry i didn't have the foresight to buy acas like you did, but as you know we don't always manage to win them all. i hope you made lots of money on acas....i just don't understand your rationale for coming back and badmouthing our 'meager' gains.

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