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  • sjr616 sjr616 Apr 19, 1999 9:53 PM Flag

    Not Duped

    I wasn't duped. It was a good company at $115.
    Other companies within the sector corrected causing SFE
    to fall also. It was still very conservatively
    priced even as a S&P 500 company. Sales of 2.1 billion
    and with a market cap of about 2-3 billion. It is not
    fun to look up to see your purchase price but so
    what. If this is the first time you saw a purchase you
    made based on sound fundamentals lose value then you
    are in for many more disappointments. Must have never
    invested at O??e Discount. If the stock splits I will be
    happy since it will recover. If the price bothers you
    do something else. Watch the oil & oil service
    stocks they make me feel much better. I am now just
    staying even. Hope you were not a under 30 type with all
    their money in Internet stocks. Reminds me of Biotechs
    but not yet. SFE will recover since it has sound mgt
    and a diversity of holdings. Sort of like a High Tech
    TMO but with a better stock price. Don't enlarge your
    liver to much Lactulose does not smell very good so you
    might learn the taste. Besides I don't think the
    ammonia will change your perceptions any. Steve

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    • sjr616 says, "Other companies within the sector
      corrected causing SFE to fall also."

      Well, that's
      the point. Ever hear of diversification? SFE was
      pretty much an Information Technology focused "mutual
      fund" of public and private companies before announcing
      their adventure into the internets. What you have is a
      sector fund, and when all the dominoes start to fall as
      that sector moves out of favor, what do you think
      happens to your investment? "Diversity of holdings"?
      Well, now your "mutual fund" will be focused on two
      sectors. That's diversity, all right.

      When do stock
      splits positively signify recovery? I've owned several
      good stocks that split and they ended up
      underperforming the overall market for years. It just ain't a
      sure thing.

      And then there's your, "Sales of
      2.1 billion and with a market cap of about 2-3
      billion." Well, what sales have they got? I already posted
      that their earnings are primarily derived from CGs
      from selling off their investments in their
      partnership companies. It's right there in their report. You
      still don't believe it? Hell, the poster cashflowz even
      said that in post 704 way back when.

      "conservatively priced.... Market cap of 2-3 billion." The market
      cap darn near hit 4 bil only a week ago, and it
      wasn't even a single billion at the beginning of the
      year. That's conservatively priced? That just makes me
      wonder when it isn't conservatively priced, at 6 bil, or
      better yet 10 bil? Better blow the dust off the old
      abacus and calculate that again.

      Come on people
      get with your DD. SFE was, is, and still will be a
      fine company, but please watch what you believe.
      formerCMGIman is taking all the lumps as a short and a maniac,
      but in reality, he's just laughing at all the
      somewhat informed opinions hyping this stock and all the
      uninformed ones buying it.

      • 1 Reply to lockjaw02
      • Concerning question about page 33 of 1999 Annual
        Report: if SafeGuard owns over 50% of a partnership
        company wouldn't some Percent of that companies Net Sales
        become part of SafeGuard's Consolidated Statement of
        Operations (pg 41)? If SafeGuard owns 55% of CompuCom
        Systems and 57% Tangram Enterprise Solutions What portion
        of their Net Sales become part of SafeGuards Net

        I was instructed that earnings are
        primarily derived from selling off investments (which
        appears as such) but Net Sales come from many sources. I
        have looked at previous posts from early March and
        they are very insightful and hence useful. It seems in
        the last month more three times as many posts were
        made vs the previous fifteen months. Also noted that
        about ten to fifteen plus persons have contributed
        quite a bit of valuable knowdege here. Thanks for the
        info. Have a nice day folks, Steve : )

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