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  • tatertot97212 tatertot97212 Apr 30, 2002 3:19 PM Flag

    what's going on?

    Can anyone educate me as to why the price is headed down when the news is so good? I'm a bit of a market novice and would really like to know.

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    • It seems reasonable that someone who is continuing to buy shares , now with 6.2 million is not looking to become just a trader. What this means at least short term confidence and longer term a big deal. Of course us pishers still might not make out, but the upside benefits still are better than the down side risks.

    • drmaxxdeth...thought I'd make it easy for you...January registration of shares for Special Situations includes this statement: "We are registering the sale of the shares held provide the selling shareholders with freely tradable shares." So the "locked-up" shares you were afraid of hitting the market soon were "unlocked" on January 28, 2002. But wait a minute...I'm sure you read the Proxy filed on 4/10/02. As of 3/19/02 Special Situations owned 6,221,196 shares (27% of company). But wait a minute...they only had 6,024,096 "freely tradable" shares registered in January. Now let me help you with this next step...their ownership position increased between January and March.

      In the future, would suggest you stick to the facts so we can have a meaningful discussion. Everyone's opinion is welcome, but let's not distort the facts.

    • say you always listen but this is falling on deaf ears...the Special Situation shares were registered in January. Read EDGAR and find out what it means for your shares to be registered, then you can come back to the board and ask your next question.

    • This type of business produces the revenue stream for each contract over many months. Thus at the present time management has a fair idea, maybe even better than fair of their cash flow and income for 6 to 9+ month period . All events so far lead to that conclusion and that it will be a good result. My conclusion is for a market receptivity at that point for a growth scenerio that will be reflected in an uptick reflected in its price.. After Xmas time we enter a new revenue era where much less can be foretold, good or bad. , so that is the significance of Xmas.


      the way i remember it, the MARXE A & GREENHOUSE DM position is coming to market/ unlocking.

      Dr. M.D.

      p.s. remember to add 000 to each number.

    • Special Situations hits the market when??

      Like in the next 90 days to my recollection.

      Glad you can read + can read Edgar.

      And 500,000 shares is nothing to dismiss re:warrants.

      Dr. M.D., who stil wonders who these "unregistered insiders" <p.50> are that were given huge stock grants as consultants / what they did to earn this.

    • 1 - annual came in the mail a few weeks ago. If you own stock you get one.

      2 - Currency hedge aka arbitrage is a common thing. There is NO currency in this world that cannot be hedged against.

      3 - it's 74 percent, but that is approximate.

      4 - Again: the BoD want stocks, do it the old-fashioned way -- BUY IT.

      Dr. M.D.

      burg, berg, borg. Close 'enuf.

      Would you prefer "Star Mountain"??

    • Korregieren; I expect whole money after Christmas!

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      Subj: Re: Starnberg
      By: drakonch
      Date: 05/03/02 02:05 am
      And why actually not before? Or later? And where i(do you expect) the price then?

      If already, then ask more konkrter its! Otherwise one runs the risk, hyper to be called...

    • Subj: Re: Starnberg
      By: tuchusauftisch
      Date: 05/02/02 11:22 pm

      I do not know star mountain. I am the Grand Duke of Mecklenberg Schwerin, and I expect whole money from ONTC to 0

      The Grand Duke! Wow!

      Dr. M.D.

    • Und warum eigentlich nicht vorher? Oder sp�ter? Und wo ist der Preis dann? Wenn schon, dann bitte konkrter sein! Sonst l�uft man Gefahr, als Hyper bezeichnet zu werden...

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