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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 20, 2008 12:46 AM Flag

    Anal_yst...thank God we

    Thanks for inviting me back!

    I left, but then you beckoned me back. Thanx.

    So.... who do you like in the NCAA tournament? I picked Memphis. Who did you pick? Dr.

    basher.detector is a total ass on the WAG board and uses that hard-earned experience to become an even bigger a-hole here on the CVS board.

    Nice move, there, basher.detector. Did you play Putt-Putt golf, today, again? Bet the windmill foiled you, again!



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    • All of the symptoms are there:
      A basher who posts under tons of IDs....check!
      Always claiming to "short" the stock, but constantly getting tripped up by his lying....check!
      Derisive of longs who buy and hold and this dumbass makes many pompous pontifications, always predicting dire consequences for the stock whose board he is posting on....check!
      Stars upon stars upon stars where there used to be none before....check!
      All posts eventually end up three stars, either because his five star posts were reduced to three by posters with good taste, or else someone's post speaking FAVORABLY of the company whose message board you are posting on, gets one-starred, by the starring/bashing moron using his one hundred plus IDs and gets reduced down to three stars...check!

      The best course of treatment is to never take him seriously, because he is a fool and a blowtard, deserving only ridicule, who actually owns NO CVS, NO Wag, NO WMT or anything else. When he is on CVS he loves WMT or even Wag, when he is on Wag he loves CVS and of course Wmt and when he is on Wmt he bashes Wmt also! Can you say delusional/psychotic/idiotic? He always accuses everyone else of having multiple IDs like he does, sort of like the crook who gets caught stealing and says "everybody else is doing it"! The bottom line is that yank/anal_yst et al is a pathetic loser who hates successful people and successful companies and wishes for a huge recession so everyone else could drop down closer to his financial level(zero). He posts 24/7 to pontificate and argue(bash) and get what he really desperately needs, ATTENTION, even if it is an AZZ-KICKING, which he gets plenty of! If you don't respond to him and just ABOUT him, since he is the board joke regardless of whatever board he is posting on and he is too laughable to ignore, it usually works better, because he is so ludicrously laughable you can't resist mocking him. Even if you are having a bad day you realize that compared to him you are REALLY WELL OFF! LOL! Good luck!

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      • Ever hear of Occams Razor? Basically, it means "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best."

        Regarding your paranoia of practically everyone on every board being Yank... What is more likely... that Yank takes on different id's on different stocks that have completely polar views of those stocks... or that they are actually different people?

        Think man! You talk about other posters being "delusional/psychotic/idiotic" and are exhibiting those characteristics yourself...

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