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  • cmc587 cmc587 Jun 23, 2010 12:10 PM Flag

    basher-bull-cash: I am saddened because:

    1. I have been working on a reply to some of the points made by "clone"... I AM NOT RUNNING AWAY! I am facing and confronting facts, some that are hurtful since I was dead wrong; others that I think are still correct.
    2. You know I am a LONG TIME LONG and have tried not to cheerlead. I post the facts I am aware of or concerned about.
    3. I went to your SABank site and was not at all surprised TO FIND CONNIE THERE TOO. I have known that you were Basher-Cashtsunami; I was also certain that you were Montana- so I asked a friend to pull up her posts from years back (27 identicals to your: (all caps-"YAWN" followed by three (!!!) followed by 16 of these having a "GOOD LUCK." The "internal" check also clearly revealed that your are Stockmann2411. MY FRIEND, I COULD CARE LESS BECAUSE SO MANY OF YOUR POSTS WERE HELPFUL TO ME AS A LONG TERM INVESTOR. But the manner in which you pumped the "I told you it would be okay" (connie) followed by the bullmarket comments? What are you doing? Why?
    4. How easy to discover a CVS employee status (past/present) with all that has beenprovided.
    5. Again, what is so sad is that you did exactly what that clone said we three might- TAKE THE COWARD (DORK) APPROACH AND RUN.
    6. I am certain that clone will call you on it so I am posting my reply.
    7. If you run away, please come back with a single ID.
    8. But,at least redeem yourself...let's tell clone where he is correct and where he is wrong.
    9. Why did you sell CVS at a loss today after the "recovery" comments?

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    • Unlike you, what I said wasn't an attempt at a personal insult.

      You obviously don't know the dynamics of why a stock trader uses message boards or else you would have not asked why I spend so much time on them

      Come on dude , quit always trying to argue with people

      Go buy some stocks, make money and be happy

      Good Luck

    • "You are NOT a stock trader so you don't understand the dynamics."

      Why do you feel the need to insinuate that a person who is not a trader is not intelligent enough to understand the dynamics?

    • Why do you feel the need to try to insult people who make money trading equities.

      It makes you look small. Now you are acting like shemp

      Good Luck

    • Correct! I am not a trader. I have already made my money and continue to do so. I have been lucky enough to have been successful in my life. I do not have to trade stocks on a daily basis and consider a $100 gain (before taxes) a super duper day like you have too.

      Get and education, get a job and work hard. Someday you will make it.

    • "why do YOU spend so much time on them?"

      They serve their purpose

      It's like having thousands of people going out and doing DD and bringing back all the info they find and posting it in one place

      I find great information, news leads, links and stock tips on these boards.

      It also helps to keep me in the game. You are NOT a stock trader so you don't understand the dynamics.

      Good Luck

    • "I don't need to rely on some alias on a message board."

      While I agree with you on the message board information being useless.

      It does beg the question, why do YOU spend so much time on them?

    • "The first time you EVER have taken responsibility for something on these boards."

      You mean on the CVS board. You would know what I have done on other boards because you dont visit any

      I always take responsibility IF I believe am in the wrong

      Good Luck

    • Again, I base my posts and investment decisions, both positive and negative, on a multiple of different sources not just what analysts say. I weigh all the DD I find and then make my decision to buy or sell a stock.

      I don't need to rely on some alias on a message board. There are actually clueless dumb-*sses out there who only listen to message board posters to make their investment decisions.

      People like that usually lose money. They listen to some pumper or basher because they don't have the brains to do their own research or dont feel comfortable enough with their own alility to do DD. Half of the idiots on these boards don't even look anywhere else for info. They don't read SEC reports, they don't read charts, analyst reports or other sources of information.

      They read a PR that is posted on yahoo, come to the board and buy or sell on other posters opinions and when they lose then spend their time whining about pumpers on message boards

      Message board posters who give opinions on a how a company should be, or is run, does not interest me in the least.

      There are too many 'experts' with opinions on these boards.
      You would know that If you actually got out and visited some beside being stuck for years on CVS and WAG board


      Good luck

    • Basher, tip of the cap to you.

      The first time you EVER have taken responsibility for something on these boards.

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • So what does that mean about your opinions?
      You have an agenda.

      Without opinions, there is no discourse, without discourse the mind cannot grow. If the mind cannot grow we are all robots.

      You take into "consideration" what analysts, experts and the street say. Well those are OPINIONS also!!!!

      Do you know how analysts work? If you do, you will not be so stupid to actually put a lot of stock into them.

      This actually confirms that you are a blind pumper.

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