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  • cmc587 cmc587 Nov 11, 2010 8:59 AM Flag

    RPH Union Benefits

    Long time poster and go back as far as RAD selling off PCS that became ADVP that became CMX that ultimately became CVS. RAD failed miserably with attempts to concurrently run retail operation and a PBM. The result was that a well positioned PBM was failing. Once RAD sold PCS, which became ADVP , the latter quickly lead the industryuntil MHS was a completed independent from Merck. I so not think anyone but a select few know how many billions in contracts CMX lost post merger OR WILL LOSE over the next few selling seasons. Give CVS management a bigbravo for efforts in trying to recreate CMX so that it does not continue to be MHS' whipping boy. Absent shaving already thin margins, CMX cannot compete with MHS. Crawford seized the day and found a window of opportunity that existed because of the MHS-merck spin off. When the dust settled, CVS stood no chance. calPERS proved it! So, a sandbagged CVSmoved forward with statements that suggested earnings would "meet/beat" regardless of these losses. But this was done primarily by cutting margins to keep contracts and cutting costs-like pharmacists. So, I sadly agree that a union will help you while it hurts the CVS shareholders. I disagree and won't pick on Bullmarket for cheerleading. It is his right. Clone has picked on me, too, for being the "blind optimist." it is her right. But bullmarket is TOTALLY clueless when he pumps by saying CVS is a retail powerhouse that can sustain spending more than $30 billion dollars to have the opportunity to lose billions more AND THAT DOING IT WON'T HURT RETAIL. And bullmarket ASSUMES a PBM and RETAIL PHARM are compatible. Others have tried and quit or or failed. So, know this as MHO: as a stockholder, a union will hurt us. Not so if you are an INVALUABLE pharmacist. Be well, craig

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