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  • kotto32 kotto32 Aug 15, 2012 2:10 PM Flag

    truly sad that the gov't doesn't quash

    this trading abuse...i've made $ on cvs no doubt; BUT most to fhe market is bull; this market is not free trade; it gorilla groups call the shots very day, not the market...

    it's all set up so the retail investor gets screwed, always has, always will in all that time; where is the regulations, control and enforcement...screw the stock market; go to the casino , better opp to get your $ back.

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    • re glued...frm the bottom; enough said.

    • "McDonald then checked three other six-pack enema boxes on the store’s shelves and found that “all the enemas in each of the 3 boxes were previously used.” As with the first box he examined, McDonald discovered that the three other boxes had been opened from the bottom and re-glued shut.

      Remarkably, however, despite discovering on June 5 that four boxes of enemas had been returned used, CVS personnel did not immediately contact law enforcement about the tampering."

      This evidently had been going on for quite some time.

      No telling how many got sold.

      Why did CVS not contact law enforcement.

      Guess they didn't want it to appear in the local police blotter that they had been reselling used enemas. So instead, now they've gotten national exposure.

      What a sick, sick company!

    • The poster is a clown

    • <<<<screw the stock market; go to the casino , better opp to get your $ back. >>>>

      Especially with THIS pitiful stock. This is dead to negative money for at least a year. And what is CVS doing selling used enemas?

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      • cud have been and probably was a placement by a competitor or a person owning wag or other stock...way too east to is it that it got so much coverage so quickly; how do u know it wasn't placed there by the manufacturer, supplier etc...cvs is not the fault; why do people keep going back to this...if a fast food joint is supplied with bad lettuce and serves it even after washing it etc...and it get someone it mainly their fault?? no not at all, unfortunately its a matter of mass service

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