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  • gvconfused gvconfused Apr 14, 1998 1:45 PM Flag


    Why in the world is this stock dropping like it is after hitting 80 last week?

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    • I too am very pleased with CVS. I know that Hooks,Revco,Big B and now Arbor will be a super company. If Arbor is half as good as people say then the stock is under valued.The companies that make up CVS were all very good... But the total company is going to be terriffic. I say... It's a great day at CVS!!!

    • I'd pick CVS over Revco ANY DAY. I think CVS is much much better than Revco (down here in Tennessee). Arbor employees will probably be pleased. CVS is better than Revco, but nothing can top Big B, which was bought by Revco about 6 months before CVS bought Revco

    • I am speaking for alot of people in the area that I work in.I used to work for Revco and I liked them alot... But CVS is
      treating everyone so good here.The Stores here in Southern Indiana are Loving the new Company. All I can say is that if CVS treats
      Arbor the same way that we have been treated... You all will be very happy!!!! No one ever invested in this Area and now the sales
      are going through the roof.All of the people that are anti-CVS will be eating their words. The stock will move with sales and I
      see some good things going on.I say that CVS is the future and the Arbor people have joined a first class operation.

    • Well, as for us Arbor/CVS employees, CVS is holding a meeting next week and the rumor is that pharmacists are supposed to get a pay adjustment. The decision whether to stay or go will depend a lot on what is disclosed in that meeting. What do the rest of you think?

    • the company has bad invenvory mgt. They are in a
      crisis inventory situation. This is due to poor
      buying at hq. Cvs is determined to be in stock on
      every single item in every ad no matter that the
      stores already have the items in inventory. Further,
      hq blames the problems on the stores. Very recent
      mandates in ordering reflect this. Hq should act as
      support only and let the mgrs and rphs do their jobs.

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      • I don't argue your idea on inventory-my particular store which
        is 75% rx in sales was sent Easter merchandise for a store
        doing 75% front-end!! We are now down to 2 isles of candy eggs
        at 75% off retail and will probably be giving eggs away with
        each new Rx thru July 4th!!!! However the company seems to
        have worked a good deal with McKesson to turn Rx over-stock
        into cash which should help the over-all situation. Has
        anybody got a clue on what kind of deal we cut with McK???
        Is it anything like the K-mart/Cardinal pact???? Hopefully
        this is positive-our main goal is to get this stock up!

    • dear confused- have you read messages 45 thru 55??
      all with cvs may not be as it appears! the company
      has a lock if it just starts with the basics and takes
      care of employees and customers as good as they boast
      that they do!!!!

    • somebody is finally realizing the truth behind the myth

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