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  • wildbill15 wildbill15 Apr 25, 1998 11:55 AM Flag

    The investing public has no idea of RPh

    I have read with sadness some of these messages about working conditions and stress levels. I have been there and have done
    that as the saying goes. If there are any fellow RPh's out there, I hear you and I truly empathize with you. Some of the issues
    that you are discussing such as shitty work loads and not having time to take a piss is b.s. The public has no idea of what
    pharmacy is. They think they do but they are clueless. My experience with newer pharmacy grads is not much better. They have no idea
    of what they are getting into. When I first graduated I worked for SuperX and it was identical to what you guys are describing.
    That was 10 years ago, so much for progress. If the workload and the wait is unbearable maybe someone(incognito), needs to place
    a call to the local television station or newspaper reporter to do a story. We all know it grabs attention, after all we are
    continually ranked as the number 1 professional and most highly trusted people out there. I wish I could add more, but unfortunately
    this is the way it will always be I am afraid. I think the investment public and particular the cluelesss people who recommend
    CVS stock should be required to work 12hr days and not eat or take a break and see if they come away with the same impression.

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    • rph's that i know pick their own schedule with
      their partner. If you do not like 12hr. Days work
      split shifts. I'll bet you like all those days off!

    • I've read alot on this board about how frustrating it is to work for CVS, belive me I agree. But let me give you some reality.

      I've been a retail manager for Radio Shack and Auto Palace (now Autozone).. Its all the same crap, District and Regional Managers just want sales gains. I now own my own business and thats what I want increased revenue and thats what I want out of my stocks More Revenue more profits.

      Moral to the story all retail orginazations are the same.
      So lets stop bellyaching about it(take some Rolaids off the shelf). It ain't gonna change.

      Just my opinon.

      Mark L.

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      • I agree with Mark L. I've been watching this board wondering if anyone had this opinion and finally someone shows up. Every
        day at Revco was not as great as everyone seems to remember. I enjoyed my 8 years there more than my previous 12 in another
        retail store but there were quite a few challenges during those 8 years. Retail is the same everywhere. If you are not prepared to
        change, now is the time to get out! CVS is not going to change for you. All remaining need to grin and bear it, growing pains are
        going to last for awhile.

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