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  • johnybelinda johnybelinda Sep 28, 1999 5:56 PM Flag

    I defy anybody to pick up the telephone

    and call a CVS right now and find one person in
    that store that
    a) will help you with a problem
    until you are satisfied
    b) connect you to the
    correct part of the store in under 15 minutes
    actually have your Rx. ready when you come in. I know the
    drill in the commercials and ads but I'm talking real
    life here.

    How long do you think before people
    look for alternatives and your dreaming if you think
    they have clue what to do with their website. Soma
    stunk and it's basically their people running this
    glorified coffee house of a web site.

    To BIG, To
    Fast, To Smart to listen to anyone but their own "kiss
    ass", save my job, don't rock the boat, no new idea
    employees in Woonsocket.

    Donkey's will fly before
    this stock regains 50, lookout below the boats taking
    water. Merrill re-rated it so they could get more of
    their own customers out the back door. Old trick,
    Different stock.
    What changed in 90 days for them to
    flip flop? Nothing, Noda, Zip Zero.

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    • ...ratings. This stock has been a real turd. Then again the whole market sucks.

    • Coverage initiated.

    • is the vp for one of CVS's areas. He came as part
      of the Revco acquisition and is a pharmacist by
      training. He is very closely alligned with his boss Larry
      Merlo (who in turn came to CVS in the People's

    • is it hanley wheeler?Please let me know

    • There have been no physical inventories taken at
      Arbor for almost a year. The shit will hit the fan when
      Deeeetroit locations are assesed for shrink. Look for a
      gigantic write off and some more Arbor DM's to bite the
      dust. Rest in peace Joe Wienczak and Dick Rodgers. Hey
      Hanley, good job with the AX. "Nothin but Net"

    • Three new strong buys on CVS on yahoo.

      12 strong buys now.

    • The technicals for this stock looked great for a
      break out and WHAM down 2 13/16. I still believe this
      stock is greatly undervalued. There was no news
      yesterday and the volume was average so I hope it was just
      a one day blip. They should be publishing last
      month's sales which by all accounts should be strong.
      Quarterly earnings out late this month. We should be to $50
      by month's end.

    • After Dow Jones stabilize CVS will definitely go
      UP big time.
      This stock is underevaluated. The
      sales in CVS stores are up everywhere and it is #1
      chain in the drugstores business.
      I started to play
      on the stock market one year ago and made more than
      250% from the money invested. I bought CVS at 40 and
      any price below that mark is a real deal.

    • Lady- (maybe you are a guy, or maybe

      I fear the market because of people like you....who
      dont understand anything.

      I have shopped CVS
      online..very much like their service since I got my meds in 2
      days - they upgraded me to Priority mail. When I
      called, I got very good answers from a Pharmacist!

      There is more to running an online pharmacy than a web
      site. CVS is a long term player and I think it will

      I am worried about my holding in RAD - is
      there real CANCER in that organization (selling expired
      products,...then overcharing elders...what next?) At least CVS is
      an ethical bunch-never heard anything like that

      I also have some real worries about my holding in
      DSCM. You may read my posting on their section...I
      would really appreciate some good advice on DSCM - what
      is Martin Grass teaching neupert on Drugstore's
      board (I hope it is not gouging slef-pay customers and
      shipping expired products!!) Should I bail now and not
      risk holding DSCM anymore? How long do you expect
      before CVS and WAG recover?

      Will appreciate all
      real and well-thought debate...fools please stay away
      since I am hoping to have a real dialogue.

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      • This whole sector has been under considerable
        pressure and has underperformed the overall market. It is
        unlikely (in the short term) that these stocks will see
        great gains. If you are a long term investor you should
        look elsewhere. If you are a short term trader, you
        could profit both on the long and short

        When this stock was about 42 I had suggested a buy
        point in the 36-38 range. However, the stock still
        appears to be basing. But if you wanted a quick trade of
        3-4 points, this may be an OK time. My overall view
        of this stock has been and still is

        As for your holding in RAD, you should have been
        stopped out (unless you do not use stop orders; also
        depends on when you bought this stock). However, if you
        still hold it, there may be some upside in the short
        term. But technically, it has broken down

        Technically speaking, DSCM appears to be a good buy. Being an
        internet stock that could mean a short term price target
        in the 55-65 range (I know, its wide) within the
        next 2 weeks. Downside risk appears to be limited to
        2-5 points from here. Closed at 38 and change

      • Priority Mail costs $3.30 it is the CHEAPEST
        shipping method other than first class mail. It has NO
        tracking capabilities is less expensive than Fedex 2day,
        Airborne SDS and even UPS ground.
        Consider your
        delivery lucky. You probably live close to were it was
        shipped from.

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