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  • Younessi Younessi Dec 1, 2003 10:43 AM Flag

    Do you realy think

    Exactly my point. You buying more dvd player does not mean more dvd rentals. When you bought your second or third dvd, you did not get an additional dvd rental from netflix, did you? And I am sure that you bought your first dvd player at least sevral years ago.

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    • >Exactly my point.

      You really are adamant about not getting it. Have you ever run a business? It's called marketing. It's called exposure. How can you even try and spin what sounds like thousands of consumers around the nation in Best Buy walking out the door excited about NFLX as negative?

      >You buying more dvd player does not mean more >dvd rentals.

      Had I not been a stockholder this would have been my first exposure to NFLX, not becuase I had X DvD players already,but simply becuase I was in a line with several hundred other people all holding NFLX cards. It's the "Hey what's that" conversation starter while you're standing in line for an hour waiting for the cash register at 6am.

      >And I am sure that you >bought your first dvd >player at least sevral >years ago.

      Correct, and let me again point out what should be obvious. This is about exposure for NFLX. Hundreds of people were holding promotional literature. I'm gonna go out on a limb and speculate they weren't already subscribers. Maybe they never heard about NFLX, maybe they didn't think about it until a live person handed them some ad-copy and described the service to them enthusiastically.

      Bottom line is WMT or BBI doing that? In stores? Are they even *trying* to make this a business? It's called the sweat factor, everywhere I look (popup ads, in-store advertising) I see NFLX working up a sweat. Filmdaddy lags far behind and WMT could be in a coma for all the work they do to get customers.

    • I agree about the DVD but i like the fact that people were getting the brochures, with them, And maybe they might want to get another gift with the DVD, Why not just one month of free DVD rental for another $20.

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