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  • jbacci jbacci May 19, 2004 3:58 PM Flag

    Wow, what a bad close...

    these up mornings and down afternoons are eerily reminiscent of the bear market, let's hope this is an anomaly. Up over a hundred in the morning, threatening now to close in the red. Nasty, just nasty.

    Wish I had bought some puts on that nice little run up, though.

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    • You don't think the constant bad news coming out of Iraq and the Hitler - I mean Bush - administration doesn't have something to do with this? Who wants to risk money with this nightmare unfolding scenes with each passing day?

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      • HUGH? A war? big deal! - there have been wars and will always be wars. Yawnnnn

      • > Hitler - I mean Bush -

        Common. He may be a not to bright bigot and deeply dishonest, but comparison to Hitler is out of place.

      • Excuse me for the tirade, but I am just so f***ing tired of this market - blowout earnings, yet there is always something to worry about - reminds me of my mother. I have been a died in the wool republican for a long time, but it was the biggest mistake in the world to go into Iraq. It would have been better to put the $200 billion into funding research on Hydrogen or something else to get less dependant on oil - without the oil, no one would give two sh*ts about what is going on in the middle east - how much does anyone know or care what goes on in Africa?
        So now the little guy is picking up the tab to free those ungrateful motherf**ckers from Saddam and then the bitches on Wall Street play up the crisis to short the mkt. Way to go America, there is a lot to be proud of there.

    • You are crazy playing this stock, long our short. 2 upgrades in a few days span, definately money to be made here. But I dont trust this anymore. I just hope the longs/shorts know what they are messing with here. I know I learned my lesson =), been trading for years and this stock left a foul taste in my mouth even when I was up. I mean look at what this firm said after they rated it strong buy.

      In the Credit Suisse First Boston report, Heath noted investor risk is "significant," given the price increase, new competition and higher marketing spending, among reasons.

      LOL! Who buys this crap?

      "That said, we believe at 20 times our 2005 EPS estimates, investors are being paid to take these risks," Heath wrote.

      Heath expects Netflix to earn $1.41 per share in 2005, up from an estimate of 52 cents a share in 2004.

      LOL! YA RIGHT!!!!!!

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