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  • surrational_investor surrational_investor Jun 2, 2004 8:12 PM Flag


    Ya know .. if anyone gave a sh*t about GZFX, GZFX wouldn't have to employ pumpers on the NFLX board.

    Thousands of stocks have paid pumpers and bashers, that's because no one gives a damn about those also? Not likely, it's a game that's been played on wall street for some time now.

    If people gave a sh*t then people would actually be attracted to the GZFX board where they would have their own pumpers and bashers

    People would go to the GZFX board if yahoo had a message board for it. Only one is the german board, so there is low traffic.

    Of course, there are no people that give a sh*t about GZFX except those that are paid to pump it on the NFLX board and they only care because they are paid to care

    I dont own GZFX or am I paid to pump it, I just know what will happen when those ad's hit the air. Picking up curtis while he was down, and curtis actually working for them, says volumes. But you wouldnt understand that would you? Going to retort about the financials like the rest now eh?

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