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  • secragtman secragtman Aug 5, 2007 3:06 PM Flag

    The Ecology of Mounting BBI Losses

    The name Ephemeroptera is derived from the Greek "ephemera" meaning short-lived, and "ptera" meaning wings. This is a reference to the short lifespan of most adult mayflies.

    Most adult mayflies are delicate insects with a very short lifespan. They do not feed (mouthparts are vestigial), and some species emerge, reproduce, and die in a single day. Males generally fly in swarms that undulate in the air 5-15 meters above the ground.

    I look at BBI as a swarm of mayflies. There are a bunch of BBI stores still out there, and they are buzzing around, doing everything they can to survive, but they are unable to take in nourishment (in this case, profits) needed to go on. While BBI's sub growth is impressive, it is like the mouthparts of the mayfly, or vestigial, and it provides no sustenance. The subgrowth is ironically only accelerating BBI's debt (and death) because unless these money-losing BBI plans can metamorphize into profit (which is impossible without fundamental and painful changes, like thier recent $7.00 Total Access price hike), most of these plans only add to operational losses each day.

    By the way, last quarter BBI lost $1,288,888.88 each day, or that same average lifespan of the fragile little mayfly. If I could throw that much cash away each day, I sure hope I'd have as much fun as the mayfly.

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