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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Sep 19, 2008 11:29 PM Flag

    Netflix vs. Blockbuster

    Netflix vs. bLOCKBUSTER'

    Netfix advantage: Netflix has on demand movies you can watch unlimited 24/7 on your computer after you finished the videos you had delivered. True, selection isnt that great but there is always something decent.(That is only thing they need to improve) I loved watching the entire miami vice tv series as well as many awesome sleepers and documentaries on demand for free!

    2-I also think netflix has a bit faster delivery time month over month than blockbuster.

    Blockbuster advantage: You can exchange 2 or 3 movies in a live store per month between mail ins.

    If blockbuster gets free on demand videos i would switch. right now id say its an even choice. Would love to see them both merge! I would also love to see apple buy them both and sell all movies for 2 bucks on demand to watch on your computer or for an extra fee you can go to a blockbuster store and get dvd's to watch on tv. wont be long before someone thinks of doin it,no?

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    • Also, everyone here seems to think blockbuster is sooooooooooo much better. If this were so, netflix share price would be dropping like a rock. Next 6 months will tell the real tale. It wont take long for the leader to emerge. Me? I am split. No decision.

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      • Everyone's tried BBI at some point. Most people have run away kicking and screaming. Not everyone has tried NFLX yet, but those who do generally stick around for the superior variety, lower prices, better service and brighter future. NFLX has more delivery solutions, lower overhead and simply a way better product at a better price than BBI. It's over, Johnny.

    • As recent partnering with microsoft for x box means what? I dont know? But it shows they are open to partnerships and with their subscriber list...would you care if they get bought out at a $5 per share premium. We are just shareholders. We own only paper. Al i want to do is buy my paper lower than I sell it for. Lets not overcomplicate this debate. Seems there is room for both of them...........for now.

      Oh is getting into on demand movies. Wouldnt it be a hoot if they killed both thesae co's eventually? Ahhhh..these are interesting times.

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