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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Jun 23, 2009 12:39 AM Flag

    NFLX Longs drinking the Media Koolaid!

    what happens to this stock if BBI goes under as the price is suggesting. Because if you dont think BBI is going under, you have to mortgage your house and buy it now. Someone knows something to let the price sink under a buck! Its tempting to take a shot tho, the risk reward is on your side but its over 50% BBI is gone by next year or trading on the pink sheets. I cant believe it either, but they dont give gifts like that away. So if thats the case you have to love this stock......except market is rolling over and its time to short it back to the mid 30,s and re-buy. This is all a game now. Fundies come second. Everyone agree. We are playing in a casino. Its time to wash ,rinse and repeat. as we head back to march lows. close to it anyway. the tip off was there was no volume in this rally.

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    • >>Because if you dont think BBI is going under, you have to mortgage your house to buy it now

      yeah, i'm going to mortgage my house to buy shares of a company that keeps losing money and has to compete with netflix. now that is brilliant. maybe you should first mortgage your watch and see how that goes instead.

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