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  • robertvince robertvince Jan 7, 2010 8:45 AM Flag

    Pissed off Netflix subscriber

    I don't own the stock, but I'm about to cancel my subscription over the 4 week delay. I don't stream very often from Netflix, its just not 'blueray' quality. I have the service for High Definition picture and sound. The streaming videos I've seen pale in comparison to the blueray counterparts, and beyond the picture, there is no 5.1 surround sound when you stream. So unless they change their minds, and reverse their month delay decision, they're going to lose me. Wasn't thrilled in the first place that it seemed more difficult to find first run movies on their site, but to delay it an additional month is not what I'm looking for.

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    • Once you go Blu-ray, you can't go back. Blu-ray at no extra cost with BB. F the streaming crap....Even DVDs doesn't sound the same on my 7.1 system...

    • Good gried! How many blockbuster hits come out of Warner Bros?

      If you want to cancel NFLX, go right ahead. Most of you guys on this forum are just paid bashers with an ultra motive to talk smack about NFLX.

      God right ahead and buy a copy of the latest and greatest DVD movies from Warner Bros for $15....

      No one is stopping you! Bye bye!

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      • marketbuy,
        Nice try to deflect the conversation. I am not paid by Netflix or anybody in the movie business. I am a avid movie watcher and take my movies seriously. I am ofcourse not going to fall into the trap of buying because I cannot rent it from Netflix for the first 28 days. I will go to Redbox, Blockbuster or the local mom and pop store. But the point is that if I am paying Netflix for my movies, I should not have to go any other place. They are a service provider that I pay for.
        As I stated before, I am protesting with my money by downgrading my membership one notch. One more such deal by netflix and I am gone.
        And I am not here to look for your approval in this matter. Offer an opinion only if you have something constructive else you are the one who comes across as being the pissy one.

      • Warner bros has a TON of hits...they were #1 at the box office of all the studios in 2009.

    • Is Blockbuster doing the same?If not so long Netflix

    • I can see this argument. If you refuse to watch anything not in 5.1, then the streaming doesn't offer much value for you. I'm sure its just a matter of time though, as one big reason for this deal was for netflix to save money on purchasing DVS and Blurays and pipe that momey into improving the streaming capabilities.

      Overall, to most people, this deal will improve the overall service. 70% of the DVDs shipped are not new releases anyway, and a growing number of people are beginning to use the streaming capabilities. It makes sense for Netflix to focus on improving the streaming aspects of its business. I am excited about the deal as it may be possible soon to sit at home and watch a complete season of many great TV shows (ie HBO shows from Warner Bros) through netflix without waiting for the DVDs. Additionally, one of the biggest current complaints is the delay in getting the most popular titles anyways. With this deal, Netflix will be allowed to increase the number of copies for select titles to better meet the demand.

      To a select few, this deal will piss them off. I'm just not sure those people will find what they are looking for in another service either. Blockbuster certainly has its problems as well.

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      • Googs,
        You too make some valid points. In particular, let me talk to your point (which Netflix is using to justify its deal) - that 70% of the DVDs are older. The point however is that do 70% of the customers only rent older DVDs. There is a big difference. I am with Netflix first and foremost to get the new DVDs I want when I want them. While I am customer, I also rent older DVDs. If I am unhappy about their new release service, I will take my business elsewhere. In fact, I will not mind the extra inconvenience of running to a local Family video or Redbox locations to get the new movies I want. While I am at it, I will rent the older DVDs from Family video as well.
        Ultimately, while the number of customers, such as me, who care may be small, the point is of service. This is not a deal that arose from the needs of the customers. It is capitulating to the pressure of Warner Bros and trying to save a few bucks. In any business, this is a recipe for failure. You first take care of the customer's needs and then save costs. The studios are playing a dangerous game of trying to strong arm the end consumer. This may result in an overall backlash and everyone in the chain will end up as losers.

    • I downgraded my service in protest against this 28 day delay. May save them money, but as a customer, this is terrible. Message to Mr. Ross - I am NOT desensitized to DVD release dates.

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