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  • joenutrino joenutrino Aug 31, 2010 4:42 PM Flag

    why is iTV streaming NFLX even matter?

    Let's think this through.

    Even if netflix movies can be streamed using iTV, why would this be such a big deal? People who want netflix streaming service can already do so with their Tivo recorders, Roku (for only $29 - that is the new price), and many others. Why would someone buy an iTV for netflix streaming? People will buy the iTV for the 99 cent movies and tv shows that apple provides. Netflix streaming would simply be an additional feature for EXISTING netflix subscribers.

    It does not make sense that magically a slew of new netflix subscribers will result simply because iTV can now stream netflix.

    This pump is too funny.

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    • you are obviously not a solid market player.Think it outside of your restricted box:AAPL's partnership with NFLX will force other media firms to seek similar relationship with NFLX, amoth others.

      Also now that AAPL cannot do itself with stream service, oter firms will also far lag behind NFLX. Understand it?

    • If it comes true, the 99c deal, for the most part, who doesn't already get CBS? It's free OTA and gets included w/the locals on cable and sat for a way cheaper than 99c per episode rate, and can usually be DVR'd too.

      If someone wants to bloody a nose, get some Food Network, DIY, Discovery, etc - cable type channels.

    • Does netflex have recent movies? I am not a subscriber.

    • Why does it matter ? For one reason, and one reason only. It allows Hastings and the rest of the insiders and manipulators in on this overpriced pig to pump it up again at the expense of the ignoramus Forrest Gumps who cream their wads whenever they hear "Apple" or "iPad" or "streaming." That way they can unload at a few bucks more before the bottom really falls out.
      It's deja vu all over again from last week's iPhone/ iPad app pump. How long did those "gains" last ?

    • Maybe Kohler can get into the business and provided steaming video while you are
      taking a crap.. This is just silly.. If you don't own the content you don't own anything.. That includes AAPL.. Sooner or later they all fall down.. Remember GE is the only remaining stock still listed of the original dow 30..

    • Sour grape, eh?

      To be clear, as NFLX enters all OEM devices, this will put a major hurt on the cable/direct tv subscribers who pay premium moola for HBO/Cinemax/Showtime. IN fact, consumers will now realized that they don't need cable/direct tv services to get movie channels. For $9, nobody can beat this package.

      For those who want 'newly released movies', then they can simply pay $5 to download the movies via iTunes. The two products and services (iTunes/NFLX) tend to compliment each other.

      Myself, I go to Redbox if I have an itch for newly released movies that NFLX may not offer.

      If you have any doubt, just look at how explosive NFLX subs have grown when Wii, PS3, Xbox were offered NFLX streaming movies.

      Obviously, you are a newbie. You have a lot to learn.

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      • Their subscriber growth will be slowing substantially due to all the competition ramping up, including Google, Amazon, Apple, BWcinema, Youtube through its Bollywood channel (free), Rajshri (Free), Redbox, Hulu, And Many more to come!

        Do you really think Netflix is going to outsmart All these big players, especially Google, Amazon, and Apple & not to mention the direct producers of the movies.

        It does NOT matter how many 'devices' can stream netflix. Netflix growth story is well know and more than fully priced into the stock. It's stock price has shot up from about $30 to $130 in about 1 year. You probably are selling all your stock as we read this.

        At this point there is Netflix stock price is headed substantially lower (of course there will pumps and dumps along the way).

    • This is an opportunity to squeeze out next wave of shorts..

    • Totally agree!

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