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  • kupi23 kupi23 Sep 4, 2010 9:17 AM Flag

    time to short

    In the month of October (2010), this stock will be at $200. Smart investors love a growth story. This is a carbon copy of BIDU to a smaller degree. This company found a price point at which people can pay between $10 - $20 to rent unlimited movies per month instead of going to the theatre and paying $10 one time for one person. Downloading movies will only enhance things. The market cap on this stock is only $6 billion. If an analogy of this company were compared to a person, it would still be a baby...

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    • hmm Age 30 from Chicago right then and there you cant be smart living in that corrupt town further your probably liberal so ditto again. Bidu is not a one trick poney like NFLX is now soon competing against diversified cos AMZN and GOOG that are much larger. Plus you think the cable guys are jsut goind to sit there and do nothing? foolish.

    • The problem is very few people have 'unlimited time' to watch movies. You've to watch a minimum of 9 movies a month to get your subscription's worth, and that's a pretty high threshold. How many people watch 9 movies a month except the movie fanatics ? I'm sure these fanatics have already signed up and that's why NFLX has exponential growth in the last 2 years. When this source of subscribers dried up. It would be very difficult to sign up new subscribers. The subscriber growth has already slowed down in the last quarter. When slowing down starts, it could be very dramatic going forward. That's why NFLX is talking about expansion into Canada. When a company has to go overseas to pick up subscribers, that's a sign of trouble, not opportunities because the cost always outweigh the benefits. The problem with the crazy longs is they only look at the benefits, and not the cost. Typical is the EPIX deal.

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