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  • cwtripps cwtripps Sep 27, 2010 11:06 AM Flag

    Bad news for NFLX -> 9/27/10 Read

    like i've said for is dead meat. cable tv operators OWN the pipes. netflix owns nothing just is a middle man

    studios going to cable for all content

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    • ironic that this content issue came up this morning because just yesterday, I was considering the apparent studio preference for blockbuster to distribute their content (the studios will own a lot of the new blockbuster company).

      Anyway, does anyone know what the deal is with those blockbuster movies - they are actually marketed and rented out as BLOCKA movies..... I am guessing they are produced solely for rental and exclusively through BLOCKA???

      I had watched a few of them a year or so ago and they were actually very good movies, e.g. Factory Girl.

      Just wondering and trying to get a handle on how the new BLOCKA will effect NFLX - seems like their margins are going to end up razor thin.

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      • best part is most newbies trading netflix don't know that the MATH says they are freeloading on about 25 bucks per month per user for streaming that cable companeis are paying for

        see karl denniger's site for his post on this

        netflix is free riding like a ponzi scheme. with net neutrality and broadband providers coming together it won't be long now

        imagine if a nflx subscription was 40 bucks a month...that is the real cost once this happens

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