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  • psychplayer psychplayer Sep 30, 2010 4:07 PM Flag

    Anybody here a Netflix subscriber ?

    Are you doing the online downloads at all ? Do you get hassles from your internet service provider for all the data downloading ?

    It didn't look like the number of movie selections was all that great on Netflix's website, but I'm sure I'm missing something. It looked like it was in the few hundreds.

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    • I am.
      I love the product... and I'm short.

      I've been experiencing more and more "stalls".

      I called NetFlix to complain, and the help desk said they thought that my provider (BrightHouse) was "governing" data flow from NetFlix's website.

      It makes sense because, Cable system ISP's are restricted to neighborhood loop capacities.. You get 5 or 10 folks in 1 neighborhood streaming video.. and there goes all the bandwidth.....

      My provider also makes money selling Pay-per-view... He can't be happy with the NetFlix all you can eat model gobbling up his bandwidth.. more reason to limit download speed.

      I love NetFlix's business model... unfortunately there isn't enough bandwidth in the world to support the revenue they need to make to support this stock price.

      When I complained to my provider, he suggested I upgrade to his $100/month Platinum internet package..

      That's when I went short...

      This won't end well!

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      • which is why cramer had on the LLNW ceo last nite. LLNW like AKAM is a big netflix cdn/etc provider

        netflix is a subsidized business because THROTTLING is now taking shape on the streaming end....stay tuned

      • Good point! If you don't think the Comcasts and Verizons of the world aren't going to clamp down on Netflix customers hogging bandwidth, you are kidding yourself. Verizon and Comcast both specialize in lobbying US Congressmen.

      • I've been a subscriber for 1 year. I mostly use Blu-ray by mail. Online streaming catalogue is weak. HD selection even worse. My biggest pet peeve is that audio is streamed in stereo, no 5.1 surround sound which really sucks if you have a good surround sound system. Streaming on wireless is spotty for HD movies. I mostly use it now for my kids to stream shows like Barney, Dora, etc.

    • I rent BLU-RAY disc and download other movies - catalog is growing nicely for download, and now some are in Hi-DEF. No probs from ISP. 3 years with NETFLIX - best way for us.

    • they donb't have a good selection online. mostly old stuff...same stuff you can get for free or free on demand on cable

      karl denniger says nflx biz model is flawed...being unfairly subsidized at 25 per month per user because broadband providers are not charging yet

    • Yes. Have been since 2004. Family of five, the kids are always asking to watch a download on the Roku. Quality is great. We actually have a significant problem with defective DVDs that are sent to us. We send at least one back every month, if not more.

      Because we are watching instant more and more, we downgraded our plan to one DVD at a time with unlimited streaming. I suspect that a lot of subs are doing the same in this economy. They have a pretty good instant library, and seem to add to it almost every other week. I do not believe that the EPIX library has been added yet.

      I was long from $11.62 and sold at $140.

    • I must say, that I have never tried them. When it was all about DVD rentals, I didn't see the logic in waiting for my DVD to arrive in the mail, when I could pick up the same movie in 5 minutes at 6 different DVD rental stores within minutes of my house. Okay, so now you can get them online. But now I just push a button on my DVR remote and get whatever movie I want. And most, except for the new releases, are free!

    • We have the one-disk at a time Netflix rental. The selection of on-line streaming media is pretty mediocre. I also have a Blockbuster membership, and I like that alot better - we get 3 movies at a time, coupons for two free movies a month, and I can do unlimited in-store exchanges. They don't have free streaming media yet, but I imagine that once they are out of bankruptcy they will add that. I've heard there's a TIVO option for around $12/month where you can get just-released movies. If so, we'll probably go to that. I think Blockbuster is going to kick some butt.

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