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  • kenwu2 kenwu2 Oct 13, 2010 1:55 PM Flag

    This stock is confusing!

    every time when market goes up, it goes down.
    Not enough volume for either buying or selling.
    looks like it is consolidating at $155.00
    Which direction?
    Is everyone waiting for next wednesday to come before making the move?

    I am confused and guess just wait and see until the 20th.

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    • Hi all of those sectors...cant fig out VMW though...

      oh well here i go sip chip flip and slip.....whoaaaaaaaaaa

      alright back i the bag it goes...


    • Thanks, Oppy! I bought some NOV VMW calls yesterday that are up over 14% already! VMW outstanding---took a hit with the other cloud stocks recently in the EQIX 'warning' all recovering....(VMW) earnings out after the bell on the 18th...anticipating good news.

      I'm all over cloud computing for the next 10-20 least. VMW....AKAM....EMC (owns 80% of VMW)....TDC and RAX are my favs long.

      Also...researching grid infracstructure electonics develop...thinking a secure grid system will be critical....not to mention clean energy and small desalination plays (removing salt from water...)

      Have fun with the Captain....and don't trip when ya chip!

      GLTU, too!

    • Oh yeah 50$ into 50 mil i say excellent and go for it pandora. Sounds like options will get you there alot quicker . Then buying shares;o)

      GL the rest if this "short" week.


    • Not sarcastic on that statement.

      Yes i knew what you ment but i went ahead and played off of your wording. Since we will be having a couple of Captains while playing.

      GL the rest of the week as short as it maybe.

      are good

    • Thank you---I hope you're not being sarcastic, Mr. Opinion! :-) God knows I don't feel wise.

      I figure the next 2 years are likely a time of I'm trying to turn my $50 bucks into 50 million!

      btw...don't know much about golf, but meant 'chip' shots....which are good, when done right, right??!

    • You are much wiser than i pandora. Stay aggressive thats what i did awhile back ago with my oil purchases.

      Thanks for the info.

      Big golf game on friday. Yes no falling on the greens.

      thanks again your a good person.


    • TW-ing is more relevant to options than long shareholders. More and more the MMs are able to calculate the pps that will be optimal for their profits by expiration, and so try to keep the price close within that range, if possible. I believe that's what we'll see in the latter part of this week.

      I'm all over options right now because I'm still in aggressive growth mode...and the leveraged returns on options are MUCH higher percentages than gains on the share price of the same security....which is---of course---why the MMs are there, too!

      Have a great golf and hopefully no 'chips' falling on the green!

    • P/E 60
      Net Margin 7%
      Revenue per Subscriber declining
      Cost of content going up

      Thats all you need to know.

    • it's going up
      This thing is not done yet

    • MMs are holding around 155 for max pain at the monthly OpEx this week. They may drive it up pre-earnings report next week...when it will likely drop somewhat afterward. All my speculation-of course...and any surprise announcement from NFLX next week will insure even more unceratinty!

      • 1 Reply to pandorabelle
      • Make it real easy on yourself: Do some research on the fundamentals.

        The Company RENTS movies and so does EVERYBODY else.

        The Nflx CEO buys stock seemingly weekly at $1.50/sh from the company and then sells it on the open market at 150, 160, 170/sh. Other officers having a real party with their options also.

        I'd call this a form of big time expensive dilution. Dilution of badly needed cash.

        The story will end poorly for buyers at 50, 60 times earnings.

        Enjoy the streaming movies. AVOID THE STOCK.

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