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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Oct 13, 2010 3:35 PM Flag

    Follow up to my hulu post

    You know whats funny everyone says HULU will take NFLX down or some othert company. Problem is they all have bigger problems than NFLX since NFLX was the originator of all this content supply.

    Hulu’s pitch to viewers: We have all the great network TV shows you want to watch, for free. The pitch for Hulu Plus: Pay us $9.95 a month and you can watch even more episodes of those same shows.

    But Hulu Plus can’t show subscribers all of the episodes of all the shows in Hulu’s catalog. Rights issues mean that certain shows will flit on and off the service, and it’s up to subscribers to figure that out for themselves.

    Example: Modern Family, ABC’s award-winning hit sitcom, disappeared from both Hulu and Hulu Plus this summer after its first season. Now it’s back. But both services are only offering shows from the current season — there’s no way to go back and catch up on last year’s shows, even if you’re paying.

    I think, but haven’t been able to confirm, that this has to do with DVD sales for the show, which is produced by News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox. I’ve got queries into both Fox and Disney’s ABC to try to confirm.

    Meantime, here’s what Hulu has to say:

    Yes, the first season of Modern Family is no longer on Hulu Plus. We acknowledge this can sometimes be confusing for TV fans, so we do all we can to provide as much advance notice as possible when shows are slated to come down. Below is an example from our Saturday Night Live show page on Hulu Plus. You’ll notice it says “New episodes are posted Sunday afternoons and are available for 17 days.” This is consistent across all our content.

    Of course, we keep content on Hulu and Hulu Plus for as long as possible. We can’t offer a specific reasons why a particular video may be taken down, as streaming clearances differ from show to show.

    And sure enough, if you head to each show’s Hulu page, you’ll find a different set of availabilities.

    Regular Hulu users can only see the last five episodes of “The Family Guy,”, for instance, while Hulu Plus subscribers can see all nine seasons. But even if you’re a paying customer, Hulu can only show you five episodes of The Simpsons, period.

    Meanwhile, the last season of Lost fell off both the free and paid services last month, and the other five seasons will go away at the end of the year. Etc.

    To be fair to Hulu, it’s certainly not the only service negotiating the frustrating rights/windows patchwork. Everyone who deals with digital media has to navigate this stuff. And none of it makes sense to viewers who just want to watch their shows, when they want to watch them.

    But the patchwork is a bigger deal for Hulu, because the service’s primary pitch is that it’s a one-stop shop for all your TV viewing (or at least your broadcast TV viewing). Instead it’s really closer to a half-stocked Super Target: There’s a lot of stuff in there, but you still may not find what you need.

    Hulu competitor Netflix offers lots of TV shows via its paid streaming service, too. But it pointedly doesn’t play up the presence of any particular show — Reed Hastings and company simply tell consumers that they’ll find shows they like.

    But if you’ve ponied up $10 a month for Hulu Plus and find that you still can’t watch a show that aired a few months ago, you may not be cool with that at all.

    Gaps in Hulu’s free service may not be as frustrating for users, because they’re not out any cash. But it is a problem for the joint venture as it ponders a public offering, premised on the notion that its TV partner/owners — ABC, Fox, and GE/Comcast’s NBC — are in it for the long haul.

    But if Hulu can’t tell users that it has all the rights it needs, how can it convince investors?

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    • No ocean, just pokin a little fun at you ( more envious I guess, love to sit by the waters edge when I get the chance though). My time, I jumped in early September for a quick short profit, we all know how that's been working out, been fighting the margin call ever since! Have a great day away from this nonsense tomorrow and hitem' straight.

    • Actually i have been with NFLX since 33$. So i have put my time in. How about you?

      Oh i believe in them or i wouldnt be standing my ground against your types. I said if they start to falter i will sell the keys to the ferrari. I still have alot of time the way i seeit. Twisting my words will get you know where. I have made plenty and if i want to ride this babu down to double figure a can afford too. Even buy somemore if the story is still intact.

      As well you have an ocean in salt lake city. Or you must be on vacation.

    • So you don't really believe the guys running Netflix are magic as your posts seem to imply, your just speculating like everyone else and just happen to be on the lucky side of the manipulation and will run for the door like all the guys you post negative comments about when the time is right. Nuff said I'm going to go put my feet in the ocean and relax.

    • Again more speculation on the boards part that "IF" is always the word used.

      I personaly could careless. If they move on then they move on. But i personaly have done well as many others and will gladly toss the keys away when NFLX starts to fade. Till then i protect my investment against all of you speculators.


    • I guesss you think the content owners like Netflix but nobody else? They will have the same reservations about making money with their content no matter who want's to rent it. Only seems to reason IMO.

    • And why don't you think netflix will run into the same problems? Content problems are content problems right?

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