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  • CruisinForGold CruisinForGold Jan 20, 2011 12:11 PM Flag

    21 Jan Expiration Strategy Puts

    If your holding the 21 Jan Puts.

    You have 3 likely stops for this move down:

    1) 10 Jan Open price of 179.7 - most likely
    2) 7 Jan Closing price of 179.3 - next most likely (& this is a gap fill)
    3) 6 Jan Closing price of 177.99 - 3rd most likely (& this is also a gap fill.

    The most likely retracement for this move stops out in the 179.xx region - set your sell points accordingly for the 21 Jan series.

    If your holding the 18 Feb series - hold on this one's time is coming soon also (just not today or tomorrow - IMHO)

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    • I almost forgot,

      They've also got a smart-phone trader tool also (Iphone/Blackberry/HTC, etc..).

      That also allows multiple ticker real-time views, charts for individual stocks/options/index (but obviously not the detail you can see on the pc-based tools).

      And Alerts that can be set to SMS Text, Email or just pop-up if you get any myraid of conditions satisfied. The alert function is a blessing if you have to be away from the screen and want to know if some trading condition has been satisified.

    • No I was just wondering what you were watching - I've noticed you buying the opposite direction frequently on the options - usually the in-the-money strikes.

      I've said this before - I use Interactive Brokers. They have a pc-based Trader Workstation for trading that is awesome in my opinion (you can see screenshots on their website), commissions are very inexpensive. Charts are flexible - all indicators you would likely want, Daily/Weekly/Monthly, Intra-day timeframe depends on duration you choose - Monthly span will allow you to see down to hourly bars, Weekly (1 or 2) will see down to 30 minute bars, 2 Day span will allow 5 min bars, 1 Day will allow 1 minute bars.

      You can view all simultaneously on your screen - depending on your screen real estate. Orders can be exercised from any view (trader dashboard, charts, option trader windows, etc).

      I'm thrilled with the product and service!

    • oh sorry...
      I only have it on Intra-Day for each minute is suppose....
      This TD ameritrade Brokerage does not give Much options with Charts !
      should i be watching something else ?
      I just sold my PCLN calls i bot at $1.65 !!

    • Kristina,

      Sharp Red Bar move - what timeframe are you watching?

    • It's a 600+ stock, can easily swing 5 bucks in a blink. Well, it moved faster than I thought, exited already at 1.35. Can't be to greedy (profit is profit) though I feel this will swing upwards, they just had blowout earnings.

    • thanks for the spotlight.....
      I always say BUY calls on a SHARP red-bar move Down intra-day !!
      My PCLN Calls just Doubled in last few Minutes as the Stock Just SPIKED !!
      Exp. Day ALWAYS has lots of Opprtunites for a Double or triple !!

    • I'm going to pull a Kristina,

      I'm buying the 21 Jan NFLX 180 Calls here for a Snapper into the close!

      I've also purchased NFLX common against my expiring 21 Jan 180 put's from the 181.7's for a shot at the upside!

      Let's see if this baby can lift today.

    • Thanks... check out AMZN. It seems to be breaking down. Nice action on it either way. Mostly down right now. Max pain for it today is at 165!!! It isn't likely to go that low, but has some downward pressure on it for sure!

    • the $630 strike seems a bit too FAR away to Flucuate with Volatilty !
      I would do $425 Calls for Bounce.....
      Also buy some PCLN $425 Calls for a Bounce here and "X" for a Bounce.....

    • Nice move... gutsy... but nice!!!

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