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  • copingtolive copingtolive Jan 30, 2011 6:28 PM Flag

    NFLX is immune to market-up 18 % when NAZ is down?

    NFLX is headed higher with only momentary pullpback

    We'll see close of 225 on Monday and 330's by Tuesday

    Naz was down 68 while NTFLX held an 18 1/2% increase from earnings--this stock going up bigtime--and when naz turns positive? Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • If the market rebounds tomorrow, maybe people will flee the seemingly safe havens like Gold and NFLX for the opposite reason they sought them when the market sold off on Friday.

    • I have a contrary theory for you. Look at what Gold futures did on Friday for a clue. Investors flew to gold as a safe haven most of Friday, but at the end of the day as it appeared the market was NOT going to do it's usual recovery at the end of the day, even the safe haven of gold started to fall from its upside. If the market continues to crash this week, your theory may not hold true after all. Everything may end up going down together during a big crash, Gold, NFLX, everything, you name it. If you're long anything this week, I'd be very worried and ready to hit the sell button first thing pre-market tomorrow or when the market opens.

    • You are an idiot. This stock will get hit for at least 2 days, more if this is a correction.

    • Yeh its call thinking you can hide in a stock immune to the economy that has momentum. Guess what AMZN just changed the game. And the beauty of it is thaT NFLX just jacked up estimates. So the fool who ran the stock in the PM on 1M shares now is going to be down 5% tommorrow and what do you think he will do with his 1m shares? sell em cause the stock is no longer immune.....

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